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Kid Safe Essential Oils: How To Safely Use Essential Oils on Kids

Safe Use of Essential oils with kids

Essential oils are all the rage in the natural health community. The use of essential oils are spreading like wild fire. In turn so are unsafe practices like ehhmmm rain drop therapy. Today I am going to introduce you to safety practices you need to know for using essential oils around your children. My babies […]

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home

Grow Your Blog while managing your home. The Christian guide to doing it alll

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home is not an easy task.  It seems as if the to-do list never ends.  As if concentrating on one always leaves the other to suffer.  Do you find your social media falls flat or your home becomes a mess?  Are you putting your domestic duties after your job […]

Teaching Children About Stealing w/free Printable

Teaching Children About Stealing

When the time comes for you to teach your child about stealing it often sneaks up on you. This was the case quite recently for me when I had to deal with my son stealing. I was caught off guard but handled the situation to the best of my ability and then got to work […]

What to do When Your Child Steals

What to do When Your Child Steals

The other day I found my self questioning “What to do When Your Child Steals?” Yep My 4 year old put me in a ruff spot Monday morning.  We went to Walmart and browsed the Valentines Clearance for goodies for decorating the Girls room. Then went over and checked the clearance jewelry to see if […]

Drive Traffic to Your Blog With These 10 Tricks

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

As a blogger you may often look at your stats and wish they where just a bit better.  Yes your not alone.  Many small bloggers want to increase their numbers but, do not have money to invest in quality advertising.  Hear are ten easy free ways to drive traffic to your blog without spending a dime. […]

Cut Monthly Spending With These 5 Tips

Cut Monthly Spending

Money is tight and if you’re like so many you are looking at your budget trying to find the proverbial cracks your money seems to slip through.  I recently had to sit down with hubby to help him balance things out as well. I let him learn a lesson the hard way rather than fight. […]

Talking to Kids About Sex

Talking to Kids About Sex

For Christian parents talking to kids about sex is a challenge.  What do we say? How do we explain God’s purpose of sex?  What if we have sinned sexually ourselves? Talking to kids about sex is one of the hardest things we as parents have to do and we want need to do it right. When […]

How to Get a Bead Out of Your Child’s Nose.

Get a bead out of your child's nose.

What to do when your child sticks a bead up their nose? When your child decides to stick a bead (or other small item) up their nose sometimes panic can set in.  How do I get a bead out of my toddlers nose is something every mom finds himself asking one day.  If you have a […]

Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender  essential oil has many uses and is essential to every mom’s tricks and tools. Lavender essential oil is one of the few oils that is universally considered safe to use neat (undiluted) directly on the skin though diluting helps you save a good amount of money by making your bottle last longer. Lavender essential […]

5 Ways to Earn Money blogging

5 Ways your blog can earn you money

We could all use some extra money these days and blogging right from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone is a great way to earn money while doing something you love.  Share knowledge.  Talk about life.  Share books you love.   The list of things you can do with a blog goes on and […]