A Pet Can Take Your Homeschool to a New Level

What can a pet do for your homeschool

We are Micro Homesteaders meaning we are starting a mini homestead in our yard. We plan on buying land and starting a full-blown homestead but in the mean time we are learning skills like gardening and animal husbandry. One thing we have learned is that pets can be a great way to teach children new…

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Make Bible Study Fun

Get Genesis 1 Kids Bible Study FREE until July 31st

We all want to raise godly children. Bring our babies up in his glory. At least if you are reading this I assume that you and I share this goal. Only far too often bible study is not a favorite subject even if it is the most important. You can make bible study fun for…

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Free Printable: Green Eggs and Ham Grow With Me Game

Free Printable Reading game play 3 ways.

Learn to read with fun games Many children learn best hands on really getting into lessons. This game allows your child to manipulate the words in the book Green Eggs and Ham gaining such a familiarity with the 50 Unique words that they can read with speed and accuracy growing confident in their reading skills….

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