Pop Up Car Wash Free Pretend Play Set

How cute is this? this pop up car wash will keep kids busy for hours and has a free printable to make it easy for you.

We are killing time waiting for the warm weather to kick in and need to fill more time inside. So we are building a few fun file folder pretend play sets using the tools provided in our favorite preschool curriculum Mother Goose Time and well some of them are so cute we just have to […]

Writers in Residence Apologia Educational Ministries review

Homeschool writing curriculum

As a writer I feel writing is a vital skill to teach my children. Monkey is working on her writing skills to work on this site as it goes through some changes this summer… Keep your eyes open for that one. I have herd a lot of good things about Apologia Educational Ministries. So Writers in […]

A+ Interactive Math Review

When our last math program arrived my oldest was sorely disappointed. She wanted to learn multiplication. Well should could have told me. So that got passed on to little brother and we moved her on to the math topic of her interest. Shortly after we got a chance to review the new Math Mini-Courses from A+ Interactive […]

Fun and Games to Teach Kids About Money

Fun books, games, and tools to teach kids about money

Why teach kids about money Being a parent is hard. We often wonder if we are doing enough? If we are teaching the kids what they need to learn? When it comes to vital topic to teach kids money should be on the top of the list. Money is what makes the world go round. […]

Be an Earth Day Super Star

life of a tree - be an Earth Day Super Star

It’s SPRING though being transplanted in the south it feels like summer to me. Earth Day is next week and everyone is making plans for fun learning activities for the kids.  Sometimes Life gets hectic and we don’t have time to teach everything we would like too. Here are some areas to work on to […]

Homeschool Copywork review

We are fans of the Charlotte Mason Style of homeschool and opt to use it when the weather is nice due to the encouragement to get outside and enjoy the weather. We recently received a lifetime subscription to Homeschool Copywork to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. With 4 kids to educate that is a pretty […]

FREE Spelling Games

Fun ways to play and learn to spell

Spelling games are a great way to teach spelling to kids that need extra practice or may become overwhelmed easily.  I myself am dyslexic and struggle is spelling. To help my kids successes at the tough skill I decided I would make learning to spell fun. Alphabet Soup spelling game My oldest has a passion […]

Financial Tools You Don’t Want To Miss

Tools for success

Feel like your finances have spiraled out of control? Tired of living pay check to pay check? Wish you could turn back the clock and start fresh? Want to give your kids the advantage that will keep them from following in your footsteps. We living in rough times and we all are looking for a way […]

Butterfly Ribbon Dancer Craft

Why do we use paints outside? Less mess for mom with two toddlers.

It’s spring… or should be. The weather does not seem to have gotten the memo. In fact we have a cold front heading our way again this weekend. Remind me again why I am back up north? While we kill some time indoors Mother Goose Time has us doing some spring time learning with bees […]