Thieves Oil Blends

Kid Safe Thieves Oil Blend

These blends of oils are based off of the story of a band of thieves that rubbed themselves with herbs and oils to protect them from the plague as they robbed the dying and dead.  When arrested they where offered a lighter sentence by the king in exchange for the recipe that kept them from…

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Hurricane Unit Study

FREE hurricane unit study

Moving south came with a lot of adjustments from new foods to new weather. With preparing for Tropical Storm Erika heading our way we prepared for the storm and part of that is learning everything we can about what we could have had. Time for books, videos and lots of learning. Incase you ware wondering we picked…

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Bacon Cheese Spread

The perfect dip for your next gathering.

As the weather cools to a bearable temperature and the season of potlucks and weekend parties is back in full swing. Walking down the snack aisle with my husband a bacon cheddar popcorn seasoning caught his eye. He instantly went into a chat about the value of the MRE (ready to eat meal) Bacon Cheese…

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