7 Stylish and Personal Housewarming Gift Ideas

When friends or family members move, lease their first apartment, or buy their very first home, the big life change is often accompanied by housewarming gifts and even a small celebration. It can be difficult to come up with a personal and thoughtful idea that’ll suit the needs and interests of your loved ones.

Here are some housewarming gifts you may consider purchasing for your loved ones as they take this big step in their lives.

An Umbrella

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About 40% of homeowners used their outdoor spaces for entertaining in the United States in 2017. This means that patios and decks are often used to hold guests during gatherings. How can you provide a helpful gift if your loved ones enjoy entertaining, especially in the summer months? An umbrella could be a great gift. Pick a large, aesthetically pleasing umbrella that can be placed in the middle of an outdoor table. It’ll shade the sun and provide a great accessory to your loved one’s deck and backyard area.

A Garden Kit

For eco-friendly and outdoorsy individuals, a garden kit is a perfect gift. Since they’re in a new home, a garden kit is a great gift for your loved ones to be able to tackle a project that will provide fruits, vegetables, and flowers in and around their new property. You can provide a set of new tools, gardening gloves, sunglasses, visors, and seeds to plant their first set of food and other plants. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A French Press

If your loved ones are coffee lovers, they’d enjoy a new machine that’ll make the tasty beverage. A French press makes fresh coffee, and you can accompany it with new mugs and a bag of their favorite grounds. Find one that looks attractive to the eye so it’ll make a charming addition to their new kitchen. This is a great eco-friendly way to save money at home.

A Housecleaning Gift Card

70% of people say that they don’t have the time to clean their property. Especially when your loved ones first move into their new home or apartment, the process of unpacking and sorting through hundreds of items is overwhelming. To take some of the burdens of moving off of their shoulders, purchase your friends or family members a gift card for a full cleaning of their new home. Find a small cleaning business in their new town or community and share the gift card or certificate with a card in the mail.

An Embroidered Blanket

Personalized gifts are making a comeback. Since your loved ones are starting a new chapter in their lives in their new home, consider purchasing a handmade, embroidered blanket. Make sure the blanket is a color your friends or family members will love and will be able to utilize in their living room or bedroom. Add personalizations by including their last name or last names and the year their new home is “established.” This way, they’ll always have a keepsake from when they first moved into their new home.

A Wine Rack

Are your loved ones wine lovers? If so, a wine rack may be the perfect gift. You can make one by hand if you’re crafty, or you can purchase one from a store. Be sure there’s plenty of room to hold all of their favorite kinds of wine. You may send the gift to them with an opener and a wine bottle or two to complete the gift.

An elegant hamper with drinks and cigars

Another stylish housewarming gift idea can be an elegant hamper with a drink and cigars. Drinks, mostly a bottle of wine or cognac are among the best housewarming gifts. As for cigars, they can add a special lavish note to it, especially for cigar lovers.

The key how to perfectly matching drinks with cigars is not to overpower the notes of any of them. Cigar and whisky combos are the most highly valued ones, but other drinks can pair well too. If you are taking a bottle of wine, then you can opt for Montecristo cigars which are among connoisseur favorites. In case your choice is an Irish whiskey, then go for  H Upmann cigars with their unique palace in the smoke market.

Keep It Classic With Flowers

One of the most classic gifts for individuals during the holidays and on special occasions is flowers. Since 86% of people say that receiving flowers makes them feel special, it’ll always be a great gift to send to loved ones. Purchase a bouquet or two and have them delivered to your friends or family members’ new home a few days after they move in. They’ll make a wonderful centerpiece in their kitchen, especially when they go to enjoy a meal at their new dining room table together for the first time.

Keep your housewarming gifts thoughtful, simple, and stylish. Each of these items has a personal touch to them, and you can add more or less as you see fit. Your loved ones will appreciate the sentiment and think of you each time they see your gift in their new home.

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