Chicken Unit Study With Free Printable

After years without chickens, we got our first new flock this year. This means some of the kids have gotten their first experience with chickens so it is time for a new chicken unit study. I got a bunch of file folders for only $1 at the bin deal store the other day and I am chomping at the bit to put together some file folder games and lap books. 

I decided the perfect one to start us off would be chickens. So I tossed together some chicken-themed activities into a printable pack for my kids, ordered some chicken-themed books, and I am waiting quite impatiently to dive into this chicken unit study. 

Books about chickens

Videos about chickens

Chicken Activities

Make toilet paper roll chicks

Printable coloring sheets and activities 

Paper Plate Chicken

Chicken printable

Free 7 page chciken activity printable for your kids.

I put this printable pack together for my kids ranging from 3 to 15. Each kid will use different parts to their interest and add other recourses to their file folder lap books. This printable includes labeling the parts of a rooster, hen, and chick, a display of the lifecycle of a chicken, a design your own coop page, a coloring page, and a Letter C handwriting page for the littles.

—- Download your Free Copy Now —-

Have fun and remember raising chickens is an adventure. Check out some of our chaotic moments in this post about the chaos of raising chickens.

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