Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaning Solution

When it comes to beauty the cost can get a bit out of hand. The good news is a lot of everyday basics can be made at home for less. While many clean makeup brushes by rinsing them under warm water you will find that does not remove all of the particles and can lead to issues with colors getting messy, not to mention the build up of dirt, oils, and germs that are bad for your skin.

This Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaning DIY Solution gets all of the gunk out of your brushes and kills the germs leaving your skin healthy.

Cleaning Solution

Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaning DIY Solution

:: 2 teaspoons dawn dish detergent

:: 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (save even more by making your own)

:: 3 tablespoons filtered or distilled water

Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaning Solution

Mix all three together. Stir brushes through the solution. Knead the brush with your fingers or a makeup cleaning matt. Blow dry the brushes for faster drying.

Makeup brushes should be washed monthly. You get sick or have a breakout issue you should wash again. Add a spot in your planner to remind you to give your makeup brushes a good wash.

Homemade makeup brush Cleaning Solution

Want more beauty DIYs? Give this hot oil treatment and my favorite hair spritzer a try.

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