Meals And Snacks From Your Pantry

As things, settle after a crazy day of families attempting to get their shopping done in stores with bare shelves many of you are lost and clueless on how to make meals out of what is in your pantry.

It may be a while before stock is replenished in stores so we all need to think outside the box and get a little creative to make things work.

Easy meal and snack ideas using your pantry.

This Two Ingredient Ritz Cracker Dessert reminds me of how my kids love to make these crackers and add peanut butter or sometimes peanut butter and jelly. If you have these crackers in your pantry you can use them for all sorts of fun things.

These raw vegan brownies use all pantry items making them perfect for the person that has healthy foods stocked away.

If you need an idea using nutritional yeast up in your pantry this nacho seasoning is the perfect option for your popcorn but can also be used for flavoring other things like vegetables and eggs.

Salmon Patties with Suaver Red Beet Hummus Mix

I love to make salmon patties and I rarely use the same mix of seasonings so they are always different. I snacked all of the ingredients for these when I was stocking up before things went bad. We have eggs stored in our stockpile using after preserving them with shortening. I am pop in later this week to explain how to do that for anyone that ends up finding an abundance of eggs. If you don’t have eggs you can add a two teaspoons of oil to these salmon patties to make them work to stick together.

You can make your own pasta sauce if you have a can of tomato paste in your pantry.

Coronavirus Day 3: Today was eye-opening. We managed to find bread unlike yesterday but going to our local Aldi where we are two to three times a week regular was astonishing.

Even the security guard voiced my thoughts when we stopped to chat like we usually do. “It is like a war zone in here. I have never seen anything like it.” That was about 20 minutes after they had opened. When we arrived every cart was un use and there was a full pallet of water. When we walked out with our bread and apples in hand there was still not a single cart waiting to be used and the pallet of water had vanished.

The countries case numbers are climbing. President Trump declared a national emergency today opening up funding that may help balance things out a bit. Our internet company will keep the internet on for 60 days even if we can’t make payments. that takes one thing off our 4 walls budget should my husbands job shut down.

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