Michigan Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Times have changed and parents are looking for ways to entertain their children while encouraging them to learn. Homeschool families are used to going out of regular field trips are finding the current options limiting. The good news is many places are now offering virtual tours and field trips for kids.

What are virtual field trips?

Virtual field trips are video tours of hot field trip locations offering kids to the opportunity to explore places that may not have another opportunity to see. The rise is available tours will benefit children for generations allowing children to explore places far from home without spending a ton of money on travel. Michigan is on Stay At Home orders and many places are stepping up to give our children a world of opportunities.

Check out the PBS show Under The Radar to explore virtual tours of Michigan locations that may not get the most traffic.

Historical Virtual Field Trips

Michigan has a diverse history and amazing historical destinations like Mackinac Island and amazing historical museums like Henry Ford Greenfield Village. Explore these virtual field trips and see all of the amazing historical offerings available in Michigan. When this is all over maybe you can plan a trip to visit one of these amazing places.

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

One of our favorite places to visit here in Michigan is Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford Museum. We were so looking forward to a visit to kick off the spring after last year’s rough situation keeping us home. The email from them discussing the calculation of the grand opening and birth of new sheep in the village saddened me. Luckily they added in a bit of fun by pointing us to their virtual field trips.

Visit dozens of digital field trips on the Henery Ford Museum Website Here.

Mackinac Island

I have dreamed of taking the kids up for a family trip to Mackinac Island. They sent out a notice that they are offering digital tours, their video guides, and videos of past events for families to enjoy now while we can not travel This virtual field trip will make you want to plan a vacation.

Visit MackinacIsland.org to enjoy the virtual tours.

Michigan History Museum.

The Michigan History Museum in Lansing takes pride in preserving and teaching about the diverse history of the state of Michigan. This is a great way to help your child study state history and they are now offering a virtual tour you can take online to go with your favorite Michigan unit study or as a side activity for your child while they are home.

Hop on over to the Michigan History Museum for the virtual tour video.

Mission Point Lighthouse

Check out this virtual tour of the Mission Point Lighthouse in Traverse City. We ordered hand sanitizer from the Traverse City Whiskey Company so the kids enjoyed taking a moment to explore something from where the sanitizer came from.

You can see this virtual tour of Mission Point Lighthouse on YouTube.

Michigan Science Virtual Field Trips

Science is one of the most engaging subjects for students. Field trips are a great way to encourage understanding and a love of learning. These Michigan bases science virtual field trips are perfect for diving in and exploring.

Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center is a great place for kids to explore and learn. A little beat up around the edges these days but still packed with educational opportunities.
They offer a few virtual tours for families looking to add some sciance fun into their days.

Head on over to the Michigan Science Center website to explore.

Voyageur Island Park and Rotary Park in Sault Ste. Marie

This 360 virtual tour at Rotary Park in Sault Ste. Marie takes you on a kayaking exploration of the river and Voyageur Island. If you have a VR system this virtual field trip can take on a new life.

Check out the Voyager Island and Rotary Park Tour over on Youtube.

Visit Sleeping Bear Dunes

When studying geography field trips are a great way to teach kids about landforms and locations. Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of the best geography field trips in Michigan and you can now explore them right from home with this virtual tour.

Slip-on over to the National Park Service website to enjoy this virtual tour.

Meet the Penguins at the Detroit Zoo

Enjoy this virtual tour of the penguin exhibit at The Detroit Zoo and snag lesson plans to go with it for a fun activity with your family. This is a great science lesson for your family.

Take the tour here from thing link and snag the lesson plans here from PBS.

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