Pyramids and Hieroglyphics

Last month we managed to get some school time in with Mother Goose Time. Things where a bit crazy with guests in the house and we fell a bit behind so it was nice to sneak in a few normal days of learning. The It’s a small world theme was so high on my list of themes I really wanted to dive into so I plan on finishing it here and there until we have done it all. I let the children pick what day they wanted to do. The Great Pyramids are always a fascination for children.

Pyramids and hieroglyphics

We used the included pyramid project to explore the shape and discussed what is inside the pyramids and how they ting they where built before watching a documentary on the real pyramids. The STEAM activity to go with it included sand but I had already felt like I was cleaning from sun up to sun down so I skipped the sand and just sat out sequins for treasure in the pyramids.

The kids were really fascinated with the included game about hieroglyphics. I think it really helps get my oldest to look at text in a different way than she ever had before. Words and writing are truly an art.

Baby dancing like an egyptian

We followed up with a national geographic documentary on the great pyramids. We all danced like Egyptians and the children had a lot of fun. Even the baby decided to try and join in with our silly fun.

Once the other children came down and joined us we took blocks from around the house to build our own pyramids and I discussed with them how they must have a strong foundation to stay steady.

Pyramids and hieroglyphics


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