Renovating a House: A Simple Guide

Are you looking to renovate your home? Or perhaps you are planning on buying a house to renovate and flip for a greater profit? Either way, there are many factors you need to consider so that you can renovate the house safely and properly. Not doing so can not only harm you or anyone else working on the project, but it could also cause damage to the property that is costly.

Renovating your house is more than painting the walls or changing the floorboards. Depending on the size of the project, you may need to rework the plumbing or rewire the property. This is all dangerous work and should only be carried out by professionals. You will also want to ensure that the work carried out meets the requirements of an electrical safety certificate.

Wanting to renovate your house but unsure on how to do so or where to start? Read the following guide.

Check the Integrity of the Wiring

Faulty electrics are not only irritating but also very dangerous. If your electrics are not up to code, then it could lead to injury and even death as well as be a serious fire hazard. Therefore, if you need to change the rewiring of your home, you need to speak to an electrician who has the proper qualifications and who understands the importance of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Contact professionals such as those at Trade Facilities Services for their opinion and to carry out an EICR. By conducting an EICR, they can help determine whether your electrical currents are of good condition and whether there are any hazards or risks of electrical shock. Head to for more information. 

Get a Survey

Having a survey done can help you plan the changes you wish to make to your property. The survey will have the accurate measurements and the existing layout so that you can start to envision the changes you wish to make and whether they are feasible. A survey will also highlight whether there are any structural issues if you wish to make certain changes like the removal of a wall that is pivotal to the integrity of your property. 

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Consider Renovation Insurance

You are responsible for everything and anything that happens on site, so be sure to take out renovation insurance so that you are covered and protected for certain instances and damages. Typically, renovation insurance can cover you for flood, theft or fire to the property, and if this were to happen, then the insurance will mean you can continue to fund your renovation project. 

Do You Need Planning Permission?

You may need planning permission, so be sure to double check before you make any plans. Usually, listed buildings will need planning permission as well as any changes being made to a property’s roofline such as extending or altering it. To decide whether you need planning permission, contact your local planning authority (LPA).

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Renovating a house is a large undertaking so be sure to think the project through before you make a start. Not doing so could cause damage to your property but also be a costly mistake. If you are unsure on how to go about renovating your property, speak to professionals for their advice. 

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