The 12 Best Water Filter Companies & Brands

Water filters are a must-have for every homeowner who wants clean, contaminant-free water in their home. But many companies produce water filters, and it can be overwhelming to decide which brand to buy. 

We’ve made that job easier for you by compiling a list of the 12 best water filter companies and brands. 

The 12 Best Water Filter Companies 

Here’s how you know a reliable water filter company: they’ve produced quality filter products for years, they have user-friendly products, and honest, positive reviews from many satisfied customers. The water filter companies we’ve listed below all meet these necessary criteria. 

You’ll find real reviews on water filters from many of these companies at These reviews can guide you through your final purchase choice. But let’s take you through the first step.

In no specific order, here’s our list of the 12 best water filter companies and brands! 

  1. Culligan 

Culligan is a leading water filter company that has been around since 1936. They produce a variety of water filters ranging from whole house reverse osmosis systems to simple point of use systems. 

Their water filters are known to eliminate chemicals and other specified contaminants effectively. Culligan guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. They offer a refund if you’re dissatisfied with any of their water filters within 30 days of purchase. This water filter brand has an 80% 5-star rating on Amazon. 

  1. Aquasana 

Aquasana water filters produce efficient water filters that use high-level technology to remove contaminants from water while leaving in beneficial minerals like potassium. Their wide range of water filters has delivered safe, contaminant-free water for many homeowners since 1998. 

Aquasana filters are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to remove over 77 different contaminants from water. In addition, their products come with a 90-day refund guarantee, so you can readily run back to them if anything goes wrong. 

  1. Pur 

The Pur Company has been in the business of water filters for a long time. They’ve produced reliable filters for private homes since 1993. Pur produces environmentally friendly, easy-to-use water pitchers, dispensers, faucet systems, and replacement filters. Pur water filters are certified to remove lead and have many unique features.

You can find their products in many online and offline stores.  

  1. Brita

Brita has been around for over 50 years. It’s currently a world-leading company that produces water filters for private homes and businesses. Going by many reviews and tests, Brita produces the best-known water pitchers. 

Brita pitchers are easy to use and eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, and carcinogens from water. They have a long filter life of about six months and take only 38 seconds to filter one cup of water.

Brita filters meet several NSF filtration standards, placing them on a high level when it comes to the number of contaminants removed from the water. 

  1. ZeroWater 

ZeroWater is another NSF-certified filter brand. Their filters work through five filtration stages, and that long refining process removes lots and varieties of water contaminants. ZeroWater filters are known for removing over 99% of total dissolved solids in water. They also improve water taste, so they’re a go-to for pure-tasting tap water.  

  1. SpringWell

SpringWell has been around for about 20 years. They produce different types of water filters, softeners, and UV light purifiers. They also produce some of the best whole house water filters.

  1. Crystal Quest 

Crystal Quest has produced water filters for over 30 years. They have a wide range of water filtering products suitable for homeowners, businesses, and industries. Crystal Quest water filters are easy to use. The company also delivers worldwide, so you can buy a Crystal Quest water filter no matter where you are. 

  1. Pentair

Pentair’s filters help you achieve high-grade water filtering at home. The Pentair company, established in 1966, is committed to ensuring that water everywhere is as safe as possible. Their services include producing efficient and user-friendly filters that deliver you clean and pure water at home. Water filters by Pentair also come with some interesting features. Their whole house water filter, for example, comes with a ready-to-install sediment pre-filter.

  1. Aquapure

Aquapure was founded in 1998. For the past twenty years, the company has produced a wide variety of quality water filters. Aquapure is one of the many brands under 3M, so you’ll find their water filters described as “3M™ Aquapure™” Filter. 

Many online reviews on Aquapure filters mention that their water filters remove a wide range of contaminants and improve water taste. 

  1. Berkey

Another top water filter company is Berkey, a producer and distributor of budget-friendly water filters since 1998. Besides removing chemical contaminants, Berkey water filters are also designed to remove bacteria and viruses from water.

Berkey produces different types of water filter systems, replacement filters, and filter parts and accessories. They also have easy-to-use filters like the Berkey Portable Water Bottle that gets you clean, filtered water on the go. 

  1. APEC Water Systems

With over 20 years of producing quality water filters, this here is a company you can trust. APEC Water Systems help you generate pure and odor-free water in your home. You’ll find a variety of whole house water systems and replacement filters made by APEC. APEC reverse osmosis water systems have a lot of nice reviews on Amazon and a high five-star rating. 

  1. Home Master

Home Master has produced efficient water filters since 2002. The company has a wide range of filtering products, including under sink, sink top, and whole-house systems. They also produce garden and hydroponic filters that help you deliver clean water to your plants. Home Master filters are easy to use as the company is committed to getting homeowners clean water without a lot of stress. 

Truly Safe Water

As a homeowner, nothing is as relaxing as knowing that you have a reliable filter that makes your water safe. 

If you want a water filter you can trust, buy one from any of the companies we mentioned above. For years, these companies have produced reliable water filters for many homes, and they’ll make your home water truly safe and contaminant-free. 

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