Tips For Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Some kids fall into reading as naturally as breathing while others struggle or are reluctant to even try. When your child is struggling to read or find interest in reading there are a few simple things you can do to encourage your reluctant reader.

Tips for encouraging your reluctant reader

Giving your child a new book as a surprise can be a lot of fun. The first time reading the book take the stress away with younger kids by reading the book to them.

Kids love mail and a great way to make a new book fun and exciting is to have the book delivered to them. There are a lot of fun book subscription services like Prime Book Box.

Look for book series to try with your child. Once they become hooked you can encourage them to read more by offering them more books in the series. My kids are all currently loving The Tuttle Twins books.

Use movies to encourage your child to read. Enjoying the Harry Potter books followed by a family movie night is a great way to get kids excited about books. There are hundreds of great books that have been made into movies.

Check for free printable activities to make a book fun for your child or help your child with reading comprehension. This is great for younger kids making books like Giraffes Can’t Dance fun and hands-on.

Take advantage of graphic novels for reluctant readers. My son is quick to say he can not read but has no issue reading even out loud a good graphic novel. They pull in his interest and the high number of pictures makes the book less intimidating.

Try using audiobooks to encourage your child to read is a trick one of my friends has had great success with. Like elementary school reading stations having your child read along with an audible book is a great way to get reluctant readers to pick up reading. Check your local library for audiobooks or use an audiobook subscription-like Audible.

Join a reading program. Many libraries offer fun reading programs to get kids excited about reading. These free programs reward children for reading and can often trigger a child’s competitive side.

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