Turkey Goldfish Snacks

We have so much fun with the holidays. We do them our own way which can drive people a bit crazy. One thing we really love is incorporating the fun stuff Mother Goose Time sends us for the Holidays. This year the kits are pretty much the same as last years. So I decided to share what we did last year to give the kids something to munch on while they wait for Thanksgiving Dinner. These turkey goldfish snacks were perfect.

The original idea was to fill the body of these with popcorn but, I found goldfish snack crackers fit better in extra small gloves. These are simple to make and a great project for kids.

What you need to make your own Turkey Goldfish Snacks:

We had fun by using a verity of Goldfish I grabbed a bag of rainbow, original, princess, and pretzel. I could easily have skipped one.


We sorted each of the goldfish snacks by color. You could just fill the fingers with a mix of colors just do what works best for you or have the kids do it themselves. Once the fingers are filled you can fill the body of your turkey and tie the bottom of the glove.

Add your turkey’s eye using a wiggly eye. We used small glue dots to make it easy to attach them.

Be Thankful and Remeber

Along with the crafts and games included in the Thanksgiving Celebration pack gives you something to discuss with your children to help them be thankful and remember. Here are a few.

“Samoset of the Wampanoag tribe and Squanto of the Patuxent tribe taught the survivors how to plant corn or Maize”

“Two Native American warriors, or braves, taught the pilgrims the art of hunting and fishing.”

Find more great facts inside your Mother Goose Time November box.

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