Why Does my Child Fidget?

Most parents ask themselves this question all the time. From the dinner table to school you catch your child fidgeting. Playing with their hair, tapping a foot, drumming away with the fork. Constant never ceasing movement. “Why does my child FIDGET?”

If you want the truth. Which I am assuming you do seeing you are here… The reason your child fidgets is that they do not get enough movement. The human body is not created to be sedentary. To sit around in front of a computer or workbook for hours on end.

Does your child fidget in school? Here is why...

The human body was created to MOVE. By adding more movement into your child’s day by playing outside, doing fun active learning games and challenging your child’s mind and body you can drastically reduce your child’s fidgeting habits and listen to other distractions.

Often when a child fidgets in school the parents get a call. ADHD is often the first suspect but, it may not be the answer. Children are created to have hours upon hours of physical activity each day and often be little more than a few hours a week.

It is not safe to send children out playing alone, schedules leave little room for unstructured play, and schools are cutting play time bit by bit leaving but a sliver of time to attend to a child’s needs in hope of forcing their minds to focus while their bodies fight desperately for the movement needed to “wake up” their minds, and pay attention.

The answer? Help your child get more movement. Find fun Activities for your child to learn, add movement to different parts of your day. Go outside and play catch. Help your child find new ways to move. Encourage your child to join a sport or take a dance class.

If you area a homeschooler this months series 31 days to fun and active homeschooling will help, if you are not a homeschooler most of it can still be used by you at home give 31 days to fun and active homeschooling a try.

What if my child really does just need to fidget?

Some kids really need to fidget more than others. If you have a child that truly needs extra fidgeting even after adding activity, get creative with quiet fidget toys that lead to less distraction.

Replace seats with balance balls, or add a balance disk to your childs chair.

Get creative and make learning fun.

If this is one of “those days” Remember you are #onegoodmom

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  • Patti Pierce says:

    Glad to “see” you at the Ultimate Blog challenge. I love your thoughts. As the homeschooling mother of 3 very active teenage boys now and one almost teenage daughter, I know if my children had been in public school, they would have eventually been diagnosed as ADD or more likely ADHD. I try to be tolerant of their need to move as long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s ability to concentrate.