6 Ways to Improve the Atmosphere of Your Home

When you first move into your home, your priority will probably be unpacking and learning your way around the neighborhood. But it’s your home, and you deserve to have it be a place you enjoy living in. In addition, you want your place to be a destination where visitors feel welcomed and charmed. It doesn’t take an interior decorator to let your home evoke the atmosphere you want it to convey.

1. Light the Right Mood

According to the Parenting Junkie, people feel better when they’re in natural light, so choose window treatments that invite indoor light into your rooms whenever possible. Vary the lighting levels according to the rooms’ purposes; for example, a light with a softer setting (or a Himalayan salt lamp) for your bedroom nightstand will enhance that room’s restful atmosphere. Don’t forget to plan your lighting with your home’s available circuits in mind. Remember: according to The Spruce, you’ll need 15-amp circuits for any small electrical appliances.

2. Set Each Room’s Mood With Color

Selecting the colors of a room can become a very personal statement because colors can affect someone’s mood. Your choice of decor can influence your wall color (for example, minimalist decor requires using neutral tones, which are considered calming.) According to House Grail, 88% of homeowners will have an increased desire to be in their homes after painting one of the rooms in their home.

3. Let Nature Bloom

There’s a reason why flowers and plants are such popular gifts. According to the Society of American Foresters, 69% of Americans admit seeing and smelling flowers will boost their mood. The bright colors of flowers can be a great accent to many different types of decor. Many people attribute certain plants with positive spiritual meanings. It may be possible your family and guests may perceive those meanings when you bring plants or flowers into your home.

4. Design an Oasis of Comfort

Your family and guests will savor your efforts to help them feel comfortable. Choose soft furniture to help people rest – yet firm enough, so they don’t feel like sinking in. A home’s comfort factor can also be emotional. For example, while it’s okay to bring a splash of bright colors as an accent wall, too many clashing bright colors would create an uncomfortable feeling.

5. Display Beautiful Objects

You don’t have to spend millions to bring a special artistic element or two into your home. Some people enjoy placing several pieces with a decorative theme around their homes (like starfish, shells, and plastic fish on a blue background.) Other people prefer selecting one unique piece of sculpture or a distinctive planter for the middle of the room. No matter what it is, your object choice will become a vital and integral element of your home’s atmosphere.

6. Kindle a Pleasant Aroma

When your eye is soothed with beautiful colors, your ears are charmed by great music, and you’re eating your favorite snack, enjoy another dimension with a heady aroma. You could use a time-release air freshener or use an aromatherapy diffuser. If you don’t like flowery scents, do some baking to send the smell of cinnamon or vanilla through your home. Placing some orange or lemon peels in your planters gives your room a hint of citrus that might be just enough of the right aroma.

These hints might be only a starting place for you or may not be your idea of atmosphere. The concept of “atmosphere” is subjective, and your individual preferences will guide your choices. If you feel at ease with your home decor, it’s the right one for you – and your visitors will sense your essence in your home. Let your imagination be your guide – and let your home express your inner self.

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