Simple at home is a homemaking blog that prides itself in helping you thrive at home. From saving money on basic necessities, helping with home improvement projects, or caring for your family.

Why do we care? The truth is we care because we are living it too. As a large family in a household of 10 we are feeling the recent shift in the economy in a big way. In fact, everything we do has to be done in a BIG way. From homeschooling the wild money crew to fixing up our 100-year-old home we are always doing something.

In turn, we have a lot of knowledge to share. You don’t spend your days doing home repairs, finding sneaky ways to save money, and have to keep kids entertained and learning all day without understanding the struggle up close and personal.

Here on Simple At Home our family shares the awesome things we learn along the way, tips, recipes, and activities that help make your home life easier and more enjoyable every day so you can make the most of your time.

Jenn is a busy mom and entrepreneur that prides herself in helping provide the best life possible for her family even in these tough and uncertain times.

As a veteran’s wife, she has experience in many fields as she had to learn to adjust to new situations to help her family be resilient and thrive no matter where life landed her.

As a large family homeschool mom she knows all the tricks for feeding a crowd on a budget, getting kids excited to learn, and keeping the peace.

The past few years have been a wild rollercoaster ride as the family suffered 2 major accidents, 4 deaths, and a wild collection of freak occurrences that has forced the family to team up together as one big wild family packed with adventure daily.

What will you find on Simple At Home?

Simple At Home is all about making life easier at home. this can be ranging from home improvement to getting dinner on the table to finding a way to afford it all. Our top categories include…