Simple Advise for Homeschool Moms

While I have given you my advice through the How to Start Homeschooling Series for this last day I decided to bring you a collection of advice from amazing homeschool mothers in the trenches. Bookmark this page and come back to it when homeschooling has you doubting yourself and remember that you are a great mother.

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Homeschool Advice from Seasoned Homeschool Moms

“Don’t compare! Don’t compare yourself to other moms, your children to other children, your children to each other, or your homeschool to other homeschools. Learn from other’s victories and mistakes but don’t fall into the trap of comparison.” ~Misty Many Seasons Of Motherhood

“Homeschooling can be overwhelming for both your child and you. It is okay to do a course correction when something isn’t working. And there are days when putting the formal book away and just being fully present with your child is the best way to go. You know your child best and shouldn’t be pressured to recreate something that isn’t the best option for that child and your family.” ~ Laura Day by Day in Our World 

“We were homeschooling for several years before we had a business. Our cottage industry was born out of the fact that we needed to change the way of teaching history in our own family’s homeschool… but not just that subject. There are some subjects that require more rigorous attention and need to be taught—per child—precept upon precept. Things like math, reading, and writing. They have an order, and for the most part, are not topics that can be shared easily among siblings (except for read-aloud time).

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HOWEVER, the other topics: history, science, health, Bible, the arts… they can be taught in a more delight-directed way. You can’t learn everything about those topics in 13 years of schooling, so our goal as homeschool mamas is to hook these young minds into a love of learning and a desire to continue to pursue more, so that when they are grown, their inquisitiveness will not stop. Teaching how to research, allowing kids to get their hands dirty and make a mess (and follow through by cleaning it up! ), developing critical thinking skills, finding various and creative ways to communicate what they learn—THAT will help them in life! It begins by getting the kids engaged in what they are learning about in a fun way, and realizing you DON’T have to teach th-*em everything! If they don’t like a topic, move on! And take time to linger on the topics they DO like! It’s all about exposing them to what’s in the subjects, and stirring up their curiosity!” ~ Amy Homeschool in the Woods

My best piece of homeschooling advice would be to understand that each child learns differently from other children. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Take your time figuring out which style and methods work best for each of your children then cultivate them. You may end up using different styles, methods or even curriculum choices for each one, but you’ll do so knowing that your kids are learning the best they can ~ Stacy Six Dollar Family

Little tidbits for homeschool moms

Real advice for homeschool moms from homeschool moms

“1. Homeschool isn’t school at home. So chill.
2. Late is always better than early.
3. Let them be little. Let them play. It’s their job. They will learn so much more than you could ever teach just by playing.” ~ Raschel S

“Netflix is your friend! Use Netflix on the days when you are just too worn out to do anything else!” ~Heather Fearless Faithful Mom 

“Don’t compare your homeschool to others. What works for some, may not and most likely won’t work for you and your kids.” ~ Jenny Faith And Good Works

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