11 Ways A Buckwheat Pillow Can Make Your Home Feel Cozier

A cozy home provides the utmost feeling of relaxation, warmth, and comfort. There are many ways you can cozy up your home, which include warming up window treatments, installing soft lighting, adding warmth underfoot using comfortable rugs, and swapping in snugly buckwheat pillows. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can make your home cozier with the help of buckwheat hulls pillows. 

What is a Buckwheat Pillow?  

A buckwheat pillow is a type of pillow that’s made of buckwheat hulls or hard outer shells of buckwheat seeds. Buckwheat hulls pillows are renewable and natural. They promote superior comfort and make your home feel cozy. 

Buckwheat hulls have a three-sided or pyramidal shape. In manufacturing pillows, many companies use organic buckwheat seeds, covered in tough hulls which are chemical fertilizer-free and pesticide-free. 

Are you ready to design your home using buckwheat hulls pillows? 

Below are some of the best ways a buckwheat pillow can make your lovely home feel cozier:

  1. Promotes Better Sleep 

A cozy home is a great place to sleep after a hectic day at school or work. Your family members will always look forward to going home because of their cozy bedroom space with soft beddings and buckwheat pillows. 

Why are buckwheat hulls good for pillows? Japanese people, who are ranked among the top healthiest populations worldwide, love to sleep on buckwheat pillows. Even before the invention of memory foam, ancient people used natural materials like pillows, which include buckwheat hulls. Hence, buckwheat pillows are a great option to achieve good and natural sleep. 

A buckwheat pillow is non-shifting and malleable. It means that they contour to your unique body shape for optimum comfort. This pillow helps promote good spinal alignment, so you can rest and relax with sleep interruption.  

Here are the other ways a buckwheat pillow can promote better sleep: 

  • Provides Good Body Support: Buckwheat hulls pillow filler provides superior support to your head, neck, shoulders, and back for restorative sleep.  
  • Hypoallergenic: Buckwheat hulls are free of harmful chemicals, making them a hypoallergenic material for pillows. Organic buckwheat hulls don’t trigger allergic reactions. They facilitate a tight night’s sleep without discomfort or annoyance. 
  • Helps Correct Posture: A buckwheat pillow is capable of forming or moving with your body for perfect postural support.  This pillow helps alleviate body pains, such as backache and neck pain during sleep. 
  • Facilitates Good Sleep: Buckwheat hulls are breathable pillow material, promoting the right sleep temperature for the sleeper for rejuvenation the next morning.
  1. Offsets Heat for Comfortable Warmth 

Too much heat causes discomfort. If you want to make your home feel cozier, replace your old throw pillows with buckwheat hulls pillows. They’re strong, aromatic, and don’t reflect or absorb heat. Hence, buckwheat pillows are a great alternative to synthetic or feather fiber fills for upholstery and pillows. 

Make your home cozier this winter by using buckwheat pillows. You can pair your buckwheat pillow with an electric blanket to keep you warm and comfortable during cold days. An electric blanket keeps you extra warm without raising your heating bill. You can also add a space heater in chilly or draft-prone rooms to increase room temperatures. 

  1. Promotes Better Relaxation 

When you’re traveling, a travel neck pillow helps promote better relaxation. You can also use this type of pillow at home, when you’re watching TV, relaxing on the couch, or working from home. Both children and adults can benefit from travel neck pillows with buckwheat hull filler. 

Look at these helpful tips to promote better relaxation when resting, napping, or sleeping in a buckwheat pillow: 

  • Adjust the Pillow: If you want to adjust your buckwheat pillow to control the temperature better, you can remove or add the hulls easily by using a cup or glass. Just make sure to store hulls in a clean and dry plastic bag or container for future use.  
  • Move the Hulls: Your head shouldn’t tilt when lying on the buckwheat pillow. Place your head on the buckwheat pillow if you sleep on your back, rest your shoulders and back on the mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, make sure your buckwheat pillow can support your shoulder’s height. 
  • Use Several Pillows: You can use three pillows if you’re a side sleeper. Place one for your head, another between your legs, and one more in your arms. For a back sleeper, you can tuck a second buckwheat pillow under your knees. Doing so will help support and straighten your spine. 
  1. Match Buckwheat Pillows with Wood Elements 

You can make your home cozy by adding wood elements, such as wooden furniture, hardwood floors, and wood shelving. Buckwheat pillows are a great addition to wood elements, softening the hardness and striking a perfect balance in the looks and feel of your home. 

Take a look at the following tips when matching buckwheat pillows with various wood elements in your home: 

  • Place a beautiful design of buckwheat pillow in your long wooden chair in your patio or outdoor seating.  
  • Design vibrant colored-buckwheat pillows in your mixed wooden and upholstery sofa. 
  • Place a round-shape buckwheat pillow in your home office wooden or upholstery chair. 
  1. Designer Buckwheat Pillows for a Luxurious Cozy Feel 

Do you want to achieve a luxurious cozy feel in your home? If yes, then choose the finest buckwheat pillows to revamp the ambiance of your living room space. There are many designs of buckwheat pillows in the market. You can change the pillowcases to match the look you want for your space. 

  1. Choose The Right Pillow Color to Highlight Home Features 

Decorate your living space with buckwheat throw pillows that can bring out the beauty of your living room seating and hallway benches. You can attain this goal by choosing an anchor color. 

So, how do you choose the best color for throw pillows? If you have a piece of furniture with a pop of color, like your sofa, make sure that your decors don’t outshine it. For instance, red-striped linen buckwheat throw pillows placed on the tufted raspberry sofa complement, providing a more cohesive look.  

In addition, a solid buckwheat throw pillow in a gorgeous greyish-silver color velvet pillowcase is a perfect candidate on a modern-style sofa. Its modern neutral color is understated with its own unique personality.

  1. Blend The Best Pillow Prints and Style 

You can mix and match prints and styles for a more engaging interior design. Decorate your living room with different styles and prints of throw pillows, such as a geometric-printed pillow, a floral-print pillow, and a few neutral-colored buckwheat throw pillows. Your pillows should blend your crisp white walls as well as flatter your carpet and another major home décor. 

Choose the best prints and style that shows your personality and fashion sense. You also need to consider the mood you want your family, visitors, and guests to feel when looking at your space. You can choose shades of yellow and red to bring out cheerfulness, energy, and vibrancy. If you want to set a calming mood, choose shades of blue and green. 

Arrange your pillows by style for an effortlessly chic look for your living room. Choose an odd number of buckwheat throw pillows with one theme or color. You can mix patterns and textures of the same color to achieve great results.

Arrange smaller pillows in front and the larger ones towards the sides. For example, you can place a blue-green throw pillow and textured white pillow on each side and then a summer-inspired-patterned throw pillow in the middle on your outdoor couch. 

Check the following examples of the best prints and styles for throw pillows: 

  • Hand-woven and designed prints such as embroidered pillowcases 
  • Abstract and colorful pillow prints and styles 
  • Cute pillow prints such as cartoon characters for children’s bedroom or playroom 
  • Buckwheat throw pillows with embellishments such as buttons and laces 
  1. Great Medium for Interior Design Experimentation 

Always keep in mind that there’s no definite rule for interior design. So, don’t hesitate to design your living space even without relying on an existing design or recommendation. You can experiment with interior designing your home to make it cozy by using buckwheat pillows. 

Here’s how: 

  • No Pillows Alike: To create an edgy style living room, you can use different styles of pillows, in which no two pillows have the same print, keeping the aesthetic playful and warm. If you want to steer away from the rigid formal look of uniformity, you can create a more casual and comfortable look in every seating by placing a throw pillow on each.  
  • Experiment With Texture: If you’re into texture than prints, you can experiment with this interior design element. Create a chic nest in your living space with a faux-fur or shaggy fur pillow standing atop a chair. The fun texture of a fur buckwheat throw pillow paired with a blanket creates an extra cozy home atmosphere. 
  • Place Decorative Pillows Everywhere: Place your decorative pillows in a storage bench or window seat with storage to use as your pillow stash. You can also place them on your master bedroom’s reading nook chair.
  1. Stylish Living Space Using Pillows and Curtains 

Redesign your living room to make it look cozier by working on your window treatments and buckwheat pillows. Your window treatment and pillows don’t always need to match. However, you need to ensure that they both coordinate in terms of color or material.  

Check out these styling tips using curtains and pillows: 

  • Add Drama: You can pick contrasting colors of curtains and pillows for a more dramatic look.  
  • Summer Vibe: For a summer look, choose sheer curtains to allow natural light to enter your living space. Match them with summer-theme throw pillows in yellow, mint green, and sky-blue colors. 
  • Add Warmth: During cold months, you can select fur throw pillows and match them with velvet curtains to contain warmth in your room while providing your body with comfortable warmth.  
  • Reduce the Formality: For your home office, you can install blinds as your window treatment to add formality and a professional look in your work area to improve formality. Balance the formal look with a buckwheat throw or lumbar pillow to support your back while working in front of your computer or signing paperwork. 
  1. Blend Buckwheat Pillows with Other Fabric Elements  

Besides curtains, you can find other fabric elements at homes, such as your table covers, upholstery, carpets, and rugs. Do you have a complex design carpet or rug? If yes, choose plain-colored throw pillows to strike a good balance. On the other hand, if you have a plain carpet or rug, you can add decorative throw pillows in loud designs.  

Your carpets and rugs add warmth to your feet, which brings a perfect balance when hugging a buckwheat throw pillow. Hence, you can make your home extra cozier by matching your fabric elements with your throw pillows.  

  1. Using Buckwheat Pillows to Complement Appliances 

Do you have a plethora of entertainment devices and other home appliances? If yes, you can balance the modern look of your home using buckwheat throw pillows. They complement bulky home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions. 

Having a giant smart TV in your entertainment or family room can be overwhelming. You can make it cozier by adding some decorative buckwheat throw pillows. These pillows are also comfortable to hug, making your movie viewing more enjoyable.  

You’ve learned the best ways pillows can make your home feel cozy. You can find warmth, comfort, and utmost relaxation by adding buckwheat pillows everywhere, such as your bedroom, living room, and even your patio. In addition, you can use buckwheat pillows as home décor, too, because of their wide range of colors, shapes, and textures. 

If you want a more restful sleep and a more enjoyable time at home, investing in buckwheat throw pillows is worth it. Make sure to choose a reputable brand that can offer pillows made of organic hulls for long-lasting use and safeguard your health and safety. Attain a cozier home ambiance by blending your buckwheat throw pillows to various design elements of your living space.

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