3 Common Lawn Care Myths That Need to Be Weeded Out

For many homeowners, one of the most important aspects of maintaining your home is caring for your lawn. An astounding 83% of Americans believe that owning a yard is important, and 90% of the people who own a yard believe that it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Unfortunately, that can be tough if you’re unsure just how to go about doing it.

Even the basic stuff like mowing your lawn is actually a bit more complicated than people think. Since many homeowners falsely believe common lawn care myths, they don’t provide their yard with the care that it requires. To help you keep your lawn properly maintained, here are some of the most common lawn care myths debunked.’

“My lawn needs to be watered every day”

The truth is, your lawn can actually become dependent on you for water and will suffer at a much quicker pace if you forget to water it. Rather than watering it every day for a few minutes, water your lawn once a week for an hour or so. The result will be a healthier, stronger yard. You should also choose to water your lawn in the morning, between four a.m. and 10 a.m. when the sun isn’t too hot.

“Cutting the grass short means I don’t have to mow as much”

Despite how controlled and maintained grass can be, it’s still a living organism that needs proper care. When you cut it too short, you actually damage the grass, which can result in a brown lawn. You should only ever cut the top one-third of your lawn with sharp mower blades. More than three-quarters of Alabamians (roughly 80%) mow their lawns either once or twice a week, and you may have to do the same. You’ll want to ensure your grass is strong and healthy, especially during the spring and summer months when growing conditions are optimal. Not only will your grass grow, but so will weeds and other less desirable vegetation. Ensuring your grass is cut to proper length will help defend it against the sprouting of weeds and overexposure to the sun. Choose an environmentally friendly lawn mower so you can mow as often as needed without leaving an environmental impact.

“I have to remove grass clippings after I mow”

The need to remove grass clippings from your lawn after a cut is a common misconception among the majority of homeowners. However, there is some truth to the myth, albeit somewhat diluted. Most believe it to be true because they think it contributes to thatch, which will kill their grass. The truth is that grass clipping are extremely compostable and once they decompose, they make for great fertilizer. The catch is if the grass clippings are too thick, and block the sunlight. In this case, they can deprive your lawn of the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Not every lawn is the same, and each one might require its own special method of care. As a homeowner who prides themselves on the quality of their yard, it’s important to provide the care that your lawn needs. The first step to doing just that is by letting go of these common lawn care misconceptions.

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