3 Simple Survival Tips: How to Homeschool When You’re Sick

While many parents like to think they’re invincible, they get sick just like everybody else. And while one out of three people choose to continue to go to work when they’re sick, homeschooling parents often don’t have a choice. Despite not feeling well, you still need to make sure your kids’ education comes first. So here are a few tips to help you continue being an awesome homeschooling parent when you’re sick.

Utilize Technology

A homeschooling parent’s best friend is going to be technology when they’re sick. There are tons of educational platforms online that kids can use for learning activities — from educational apps to shows on Netflix, there are plenty of ways kids can learn online. This can be a great option when you’re not feeling well because you can simply put on a show or set up the computer for your child to use while you get some much-needed rest. It can be beneficial to do some research and know which apps or shows are right for your child’s learning needs. While you may not want your child to be focused on technology too often, it can be a true life-saver when you’re sick.

Be Prepared

You should have plenty of learning activities prepared for your children that you can go to when you’re sick. If you’re prepared with a “sick day” plan, then you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You can get together learning activities like puzzles, worksheets, games, and audiobooks that you can give your child and be ready to go. When you prepare for the worst, you won’t have to frantically figure out something for your child to do while you rest. You should have a list of independent activities that your kid can spend time doing the whole day. This way, learning can continue but it’s less work for you.

Focus on Simple Tasks

It’s no secret that homeschooling can be difficult. While 5.3 million PK-12 students attend the 30,861 private schools in the U.S., you chose to give your child a personalized education because you knew that’s what was right for them. And while you may want to push yourself to give your child the best learning experience possible, it’s okay to go easy when you’re sick. Instead of actively teaching, give your child simple tasks to complete. A few great options are to have your child read out loud to you, work on memorization tasks, and work on other simple worksheets. Your child’s education can continue without you pushing your body too hard.

Homeschooling can be difficult on normal days, and even more so when you’re sick. So keep these tips in mind and give your body the rest it needs so you can continue providing the best educational experience for your child possible.

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