3 Ways You Can Prepare Your High Schooler For Law School Now

Many high school students dream of having a career in the legal and justice department. The opportunities are many, but how you prepare as a high school student determines your next steps. It is crucial to find and utilize ways to improve the odds of you getting into a law school. Apart from high school education, other factors at home or in the community can help improve your odds. Consider these tips.

Make Proper Course Selection

Once you set your mind on having a career in law in the future, you should work towards enrolling in the best law school. However, the courses you take at the high school level will, to a larger extent, determine the direction you take. It is crucial to select the right courses to increase your chances of getting into a law school. As you go through your high school classes, seek guidance from your teachers and career experts to understand the courses to take. Note that the courses you choose should help hone your writing skills, improve your critical thinking and communication and help you with research.

Attending career fairs is also a way for students to learn about the courses that suit their dreams of enrolling in law school. According to presenters at CCCU during a Noel Levitz presentation, there is a 40% higher yield rate for students who visit campuses and interact with other professionals as they work towards achieving their dreams. It is crucial to seek guidance on course selection and find it easy to prepare for law school.

Look for Hands-On Experience

You don’t have to finish your high school education to gain hands-on experience as a legal professional. During the holidays, as a high school student, consider taking summer jobs or applying for an internship in a reputable law firm to gain relevant hands-on experience. Note that getting an internship will also positively impact your course credit and increase your chances of enrolling in a law school. When you look for hands-on experience, you also work with law practitioners who can help you understand what to expect in law school. You make informed decisions that put you ahead of other students in high school.

Note that taking advanced classes is a vital step in your preparation for law school. You should understand that most private schools offer advanced classes to students who want to have careers in complex fields. When you take advanced classes in a private school, you have a higher GPA too. Compared to other schools with an average SAT score of 1060, a private school can have a national average score of approximately 1235, making it better for students looking for complex career paths such as in law. For a high school student preparing for law school, taking advanced classes and looking for hands-on experience becomes beneficial in the long run.

Engage in Creative Extracurricular Activities

The best law students and law practitioners must be persuasive in oral arguments and communication. The best way to measure your communicative skills as you prepare for law school is by engaging in creative extracurricular activities that put you on the right path. Join a debate or forensics club to develop public speaking skills, make formal presentations with ease and improve your analytical and creative thinking prowess. It is easier to understand different variables that define careers in law and maximize on them to achieve your objectives. You build your confidence fast when you engage in creative extracurricular activities in high school.

You should also engage in school moot-court competitions that focus on handling current law and justice scenarios in the community. You also find it easy to meet professionals and community members that might help you get more information and guidance on your career path through such activities. Through such programs, you understand types of crimes and how best to handle them. Did you know felonies and misdemeanors are the two categories of crimes divided and handled in Michigan? As a high school student, you gather such information when you engage in creative activities as you prepare for law school.

Getting a law degree is a process that starts with your preparation in high school. The steps you take as you go through high school education influence your success rate. The process becomes easier and effective when you learn how to prepare for law school while in high school.

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