4 Steps to a More Relaxing Kitchen

Kitchens are the hectic heart of the home. Sure, they bring families together around the warm promise of food, but they also tend to harbor the worst household stressors. Piles of dirty dishes, stacks of bills on the counter, and a fridge that needs filling can all turn your kitchen from a family oasis to a family disaster.

Luckily, you can take a few steps to make your kitchen a more soothing and positive place. Use the following tips and tricks to clear stress out of the heart of your home:

Step 1: Create a Soothing Color Environment

If you’re hoping to make your kitchen more relaxing, opt for soothing paint palette of blues, mauves, and lavenders. Or, if you’re looking for a smaller change, try a neutral color scheme. Over one-third of survey respondents preferred a neutral color palette, partially due to its versatility; neutral colors allow you to change the mood of a space by switching out a few simple accents, like a fruit bowl or tea towel. Use basic whites and beiges in tandem with blue dishes or flowers for a neutral, relaxing vibe.

Step 2: Surround Yourself with Plants

4 Steps to a More Relaxing Kitchen

Plants add more than beauty to a kitchen. Studies suggest that growing plants indoors can help reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, and boost your mood overall. Though scientists aren’t sure if the benefits of plants come from their visual allure or the oxygen they supply, plants undoubtedly make any room more soothing. Choose aloe and succulents for low-maintenance greenery, or add a box of kitchen herbs to your window for visual and practical appeal.

Step 3: Clear Clutter

Before starting any projects or going to bed, spend a few minutes removing junk, papers, and dishes from kitchen surfaces. You’ll start your task or the next day with a clear space and a clear mind. Save deep cleaning for when you have more time, but do general decluttering each day for a more soothing and productive kitchen environment. An organized kitchen is much more relaxing.

Step 4: Create a Coffee Nook

Another great way to make your kitchen more soothing and welcoming is to create “stations” for different tasks. Specifically, an area designated for making hot drinks might be exactly what your kitchen needs to feel cozier. Try keeping drinks with mixed caffeine levels so that you use your coffee nook both morning and night. Regular coffee or espresso can jump-start your morning with 95 milligrams of caffeine, while decaf or lightly caffeinated green tea with only about 20 to 45 milligrams can help you wind down in the evening. At any time of day, enjoying your favorite beverages can help you relax and re-energize. A great coffee maker like the Ninja Coffee Bar can make your kitchen a highlight when guests come over.

While some people want a bright and exciting kitchen, for others, a relaxing kitchen atmosphere is best for keeping life’s chaos at bay. Use these smart design tips to create a cleaner, more beautiful, and more soothing kitchen atmosphere to de-stress your home.

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