5 Anxiety-Easing Activities You Can Turn Into Hobbies

There are many aspects of life right now that are causing stress, anxiety, and depression. Adults are feeling the stresses of money and illness on top of day-to-day worries, and kids certainly pick up on what their parents are feeling — whether it’s good or bad. To cope with these feelings, consider picking up one or two of these anxiety-easing hobbies. Parents and children alike can benefit from engaging in these activities, so consider sharing these ideas with your entire family.

1. Exercise Your Mind By Reading

Adults and kids alike can benefit from engaging in more time spent reading. Curling up with a good read is a great way to spend a few hours each day relaxing in a way that will exercise your mind as well as put it at ease. Reading fiction allows people to become lost in an alternate world where they can forget about their own lives and the anxiety-inducing stressors that may be tugging on them.

Adults may enjoy crime thrillers, romance, science fiction, and fantasy novels, while kids may enjoy chapter books on a variety of topics. If you’re not into fiction, consider reading something more educational. Perhaps you’re interested in learning about a particular topic or profession. Did you know that much of the modern legal terminology used in the United States today is derived from French and Latin? Learning some facts like this one may make you feel as though reading will be a useful and relaxing hobby to pick up. Reading time can definitely be an activity your entire family can engage in for a few hours each day, which will ricochet a calming effect throughout your home.

2. Engage Your Inner Artist

Engaging in small and simple art projects is another relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. An art project or activity can be as simple as putting on some light background music in your living room, giving everyone a color-by-numbers or empty coloring sheet, providing colored pencils, and sitting on some comfortable furniture. Simply coloring an empty picture or a color-by-number and focusing on making it look good and nothing else as you color away is a stress-relieving activity in itself.

Color therapy is actually used as a form of psychological management because of the therapeutic effects of colors. Chromotherapy or color therapy, when combined with music therapy, may help reduce stress and anxiety. Feed your creativity as a family by engaging in new art activities. They make a great diversion technique or an outlet to release energy.

If you and your kids would like to try something more engaging than coloring, you can try a number of simple crafts, such as making beaded necklaces or braided bracelets, creating a photo frame collage to hang in your home, or going outside and taking pictures to print and get creative with. There is a multitude of kids’ crafts online that your entire family can engage in together as well.

3. Cook Some Family Favorites

Cooking and baking are two other hobbies that would allow you to focus on the task rather than other stressors in your life. Not only this, but cooking and baking can be really fun, especially if you do it as a family. Young kids love being involved in baking and decorating cookies as well as cooking spaghetti and meatballs for a family dinner. Keep in mind the restrictions family members may present when you cook, such as an allergy, dietary preference, or braces. Did you know that, according to the American Association of Orthodontiststoday, some four million Americans are wearing braces today? Spaghetti may be difficult for a kid or adult with braces to eat without it getting stuck in each metal bracket.

If you find yourself loving to cook or bake, this may be a great hobby to pick up. Not only is it extremely useful, but you can play with different recipes and ideas, too. Also, you can make a video blog while doing the activities to make this experience more memorable. Your digitally-inclined children may already know how to create vlogs and can act as directors.

4. Try Yoga for Beginners

Have you ever considered trying yoga? Yoga is an effective anxiety-easing activity you can try with your family. It empowers the body and mind through a series of relaxing, controlled breathing and yoga poses that improve posture and flexibility. 

With so many beginner videos available, you can certainly give yoga a fair shot. This can be a hobby you can engage in by yourself, with your partner, with your kids, or as a family. Yoga not only eases the mind, but regular practice can improve strength, flexibility, and balance. It is relaxing, can help you sleep better, provides energy, and has health benefits, such as relieving back pain and easing arthritis symptoms.

If your family chooses to engage in yoga together, be sure everyone will practice quietly and seriously. The above benefits also apply to children. Kids may be better-focused on academics and healthily engage with other children if they are put at ease through the regular practice of yoga.

Before doing yoga, try to wear crystal accessories, such as a clear quartz energy bracelet. Crystal bracelets help amplify your energy, mop up bad vibes, and attract healing. You can also accessorize using precious stone earrings to complete your yoga look.

Make sure to have your yoga mat ready. The ideal thickness for a good yoga mat ranges from ½ to one inch. If you’re looking for better comfort, consider getting a thicker mat but not over 1.5 inches. Some beginner yoga poses you can try are the mountain pose, child’s pose, and the warrior pose.

5. Take a Dip in the Water

Swimming and fishing are two other activities that can be turned into hobbies. Both of these options can include time alone or with family members, but either way, they provide quiet time. Swimming tones muscles, improves strength, builds endurance, and keeps one’s heart rate up. It is known to be an activity that de-stresses and relaxes the mind and body, too.

In 2017, there were approximately 11.6 million youth participants, who were aged between six and 17 years, involved in fishing in the United States. Fishing can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is meant to be a quiet activity that allows a person to sit back, relax, and engage in their own thoughts. Kids especially like to fish with their parents, as it provides quiet and relaxing bonding time.

Which activity can you turn into a hobby? Consider engaging in books, art, food, yoga, or water in these different ways. Find a hobby that relaxes you and provides you time to yourself or with your family. Each of these ideas is engaging and relaxing in its own way, so find one that works best for you in relieving your anxiety and stress.

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