5 benefits of vinyl siding

Replacing your roof is exciting but choosing the right material for your roof replacement can be an exhausting process. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before you make a final selection such as cost, durability, climate and desired visual appeal. Continue reading to find out how vinyl siding is the winning choice for your residential roof renovation. 

  1. It is durable 

Vinyl and durability go hand in hand. Vinyl siding offers you the best possible protection against a range of adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow. Vinyl siding also does not absorb as much moisture compared to wood siding which prevents the onset of fungus and mould and extends the lifespan of your siding. A home siding company can provide vinyl siding that weatherproofs your home and protects it from internal and external structural damage. 

  1. It is cheap 

Vinyl siding is relatively cheap to source and install. By offering a high level of protection at an affordable price, vinyl is almost always the preferred choice by homeowners when it comes to siding. Vinyl siding does not require repainting so you can save time and money on paint costs compared to wood siding which requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Chemical mixtures are also sometimes added to vinyl siding to protect it from the ageing effects of sun bleaching and UV rays. 

  1. It is low maintenance 

Once vinyl siding is applied, it is likely to retain its shine for years to come. Dust, dirt and cobwebs accumulated over time can be easily swept off with a brush and hard to reach areas can be polished with an extending hose. In addition, vinyl siding does not require regular scraping, peeling, priming or painting so you can wave goodbye to weekends spent balancing on tall, unstable stepladders trying to keep up appearances. A home siding company or contractor can also deliver home repairs to ensure your siding looks as good as new. It is important to note, however, that whilst vinyl siding requires fairly low maintenance, this can also lead to complacency and neglect. 

  1. It is environmentally friendly 

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, vinyl siding can also trigger less environmental impact. Although perhaps not as environmentally friendly as wood siding, vinyl can be recycled. The production process also produces almost no waste and there is evidence to suggest it can significantly reduce energy costs. Fibre cement siding is another sustainable choice that can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of vinyl or wood but with added environmental benefits and a much higher eco-efficiency. 

  1. It is a smart investment

Like any home improvement project, vinyl siding can increase house value and ensure your home is suitably protected for years to come. With thorough preservation and maintenance, vinyl siding can add years to your home.

The right siding material can drastically improve the overall appearance and durability of your home and vinyl siding can help you achieve that desired result.

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  • Charlotte Fleet says:

    I liked learning that vinyl siding can be easily maintained by brushing or hosing off. My husband and I want to install siding on our house to help protect it from the elements. We’ll have to look for a reputable supplier of vinyl siding this month so we can get it installed right away.