5 Home Projects to Create Serious Curb Appeal (and Boost ROI)

Summer is right around the corner, and there are several types of home improvement projects that not only make your home more comfortable but also boost your ROI. Here are a few ideas for how you can upgrade your curb appeal while also boosting your return on investment.

1. Plant Trees and Shrubs Strategically

Trees not only look good but they can also save you money. When planted in the right locations around buildings, they can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 30% and save 20%-50% in energy used for heating. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to nice shade. Trees and shrubs also provide habitats for friendly creatures, such as butterflies, ladybugs, squirrels, and birds.

2. Make a Flower Bed Around Your Porch

About 73% of people in 2023 have a higher appreciation of flowers, and flowers make a great addition to the front of your home. Just imagine sitting on your porch on a warm summer or spring day as you look down at your beautiful bed of roses. Lilacs, sunflowers, lavender, and more make fantastic curb appeal additions.

Such floral beauty can certainly easily grab the eye of any potential home buyer and can make your home stand out on the street. What’s more, you can even save money on plants by using recycled glass, which can substitute up to 95% of raw materials, to hold plant cuttings that you can grow from existing plants.

3. Tint Your Home’s Windows

There’s nothing like an abundance of natural light and sunshine in your home. However, too much exposure can be harmful to your furniture and flooring. Too much UV exposure can fade upholstery and certain floor materials over time. Tinting your windows can be a great way to let in sunlight without letting in UV rays. In fact, according to the National Cancer Control Policy, tinted windows block up to 99% of UV rays.

4. Refresh Your Home’s Paint

An exterior paint job gives you a chance to update your home to modern trendy colors like shades of gray, earth tones, or palladian blue. It can also make your home look new and sleek again. According to Nationwide, most homes need to be painted every seven to 10 years. After painting the exterior for curb appeal, interior painters can revamp the inside with accent walls or change the mood of the home.

5. Repaint Your Front Door

Take advantage of modern trends, such as having a bold-colored door contrast with a white or neutral-colored house. If you’re the only home on a block with a green or blue door, you’ll easily stand out as the chicest house in the neighborhood. Just be sure that you paint using the right brush. According to Fine Woodworking, a 1-inch natural bristle brush is best to use with solvent-based finishes.

There are so many ways to improve your home. Whether you’re looking to enhance its curb appeal, value, or make it more comfortable, there are several options to consider. Try out some of the tips above today!

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