5 Signs of a Good Window Company

There are many benefits to having excellent windows. Large, clear, secure windows can let the light in on darker days and lift your family’s spirits. They also make way for fresh air in the summer or prevent heated air from escaping in the winter, helping reduce energy bills.

Top-quality, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing windows can also help enhance the value of your property, whether you’re selling it or renting it out. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your windows, you should find a windows company with the following characteristics: 

1. They’re Local

Look for a windows company that’s locally renowned. For example, if you’re in Canada’s biggest city, you need a Toronto windows company specializing in serving Torontonians. Not only are you more likely to get top service from a local company than a big chain brand, but you’ll be supporting a business in your community. Additionally, you’ll be keeping your money in the local economy. 

2. They Have Decades of Experience 

Just a few tiny mistakes can negatively impact a window installation. Only trust a windows company with decades of experience. Professionals who have been doing this for years are more likely to have honed their craft to near perfection. 

Working with an experienced company that’s earned many outstanding reviews is also safer. Nowadays, many contractors run scams defrauding homeowners. Such contractors either leave the job without completing it or never start work after taking money for a deposit and materials.

With ccovidthis is an even more common problem as people turn to less trusted contractors when waiting lists are long.

3. They Don’t Do Mass Market

Avoid windows companies that sell mass-produced windows. Such products are often overpriced and lack quality. Replacing them can also be a headache, especially after installation. Buy from a business that manufacturers its own windows, enforces stringent quality control, and leverages a top research and development program to provide the best products. 

4. They Have Many Options

It’s not much fun to do business with a windows company if they don’t have many products. You don’t want to feel like you’re being forced to choose something you don’t like. Here are just some of the options a good company should offer:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Simulated single hung
  • Horizontal slider
  • Bay & Bow
  • Specialty

Many of the best windows companies also offer doors such as fibreglass entry, steel entry, garden, sliding patio etc. From a company that offers both, you can save time and money. 

5. They Never Outsource

This may sound familiar. You hire a company to install your windows, and they agree to send someone on a particular day. The day arrives, but the installer is late. He finally shows up, but he’s not even from the company you hired. He finally completes his work, but the quality of his services doesn’t meet the company’s standards. 

Many businesses take on too many projects and end up sending subcontractors instead. That’s why you should look for a windows company that never outsources or subcontracts its services. You need to hire a business with its own bonded, licensed, and insured installers who are skilled and experienced. 

A windows company that’s reputable, experienced, and stands behind its products and services is likely to do a satisfactory job. Your windows are your investment. Make sure it’s done right.

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  • Charlotte Fleet says:

    You made a good point about how it’s safer to go with a window company that has a lot of outstanding reviews. My grandparents have a couple of windows in their living room that are cracked and need to be replaced. They’d prefer to hire a window company by the end of the week, so I’ll help them check reviews to find one that is reliable.