7 Beach House Remodeling Projects

Did you know that about 36% of people that bought vacation properties purchased beach homes? Whether your beach house is your full-time home, or it is your vacation destination, refreshing things from time to time, helps you stay in love with your beach house, and, of course, keeps property value up. There are seven easy beach house remodeling projects that should be on your radar.

Material Matters

A quick and relatively affordable way to remodel your beach home is to redecorate using natural materials. You want to choose materials that are water “resistant”. Choose furniture that is durable and will not buckle under all the wet sand that is sure to be brought into the house.

For example, bamboo is a great flooring option. It is environmentally friendly and resistant to water. It is naturally mold resistant. Choosing the right materials will ensure that your home remodeling project not only looks great now but will look great for years to come.

The whole idea of a beach house, whether it is your full-time home or your vacay getaway space, is to have fun. You do not want to worry about flooring or furniture getting ruined. Do your research before you start your projects.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

How grand would it be if you could swing open French doors and let the sea breeze move through the house? Replacing side-by-side windows with French doors is not as expensive as you think, and can add so much value to your home and your lifestyle.

Upgrading to new windows that are fully functional is also something you should be considering if your beach house is aging. Enjoying the salt air and the natural breeze is a must in any beach house.

Create Outdoor Gathering Space

Don’t ignore the possibility of what your outdoor space could be. Landscaping around your beach house will not only improve the curb appeal of the home but will improve the quality of life of the home. IBIS World recently released its findings on the value of the landscaping industry. In 2021, the landscaping industry has generated a market value of about $105.1 billion. The landscaping industry is so big because landscaping adds so much value to any home.

Consider hardscaping a corner of the yard and outfitting it with a fire pit to extend the backyard season. Add seating areas where friends and family can gather and watch those amazing sunsets. Putting a little extra effort into your outdoor spaces is a great way to change the entire vibe of your home.

The Less Sexy Remodeling

Roofs take a beating at beach houses. The storms, the sun, the heat, and the salt in the air, can all prematurely age your roof. While a new roof is not quite as appealing a remodel as brand-new flooring, it is a necessity that should not be overlooked. Over the last 12 months, metal roofing and single ply roofing sales have increased, and that up in sales are expected to continue on an upward trajectory.

If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, now is the time to call the roofing contractor. Depending on where you live, that project may not get started for a little while.


Paint does not get enough credit. Paint can add a “mood” to any room. Paint can bring in light, make a room seem larger, and really express your personality. For a beach house, you can never go wrong with a blue palette of paint colors. From deep Indigos to light as air pale blue, you can really add some personal touches with a can of paint and a roller. A freshly painted space instantly feels new and revitalized. Try something exciting like adding an accent wall or painting the ceiling the same color as the walls.

Up Your Porch Game

While it’s fine to have a couple of rocking chairs on your porch, you can do so much more. A jute area rug, a comfy couch or a swing, and some rattan or wicker chairs, you have made your porch into an entire living space. Don’t ignore the possibilities that your porch has to offer.

Speaking of Porches

Why not create a screened-in-three-season room out of your porch? You are just a few feet of the screen and some wood trim away from turning your porch into a full-fledged seasonal room. This weekend project will add a lot of value to your lifestyle.

Simple changes can have a big impact on your beach house and how you live in it. Dedicate a few weekends to your beach home remodeling and you will get some amazing results.

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