7 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Family Car

Purchasing a new family car is an exciting experience! It’s the perfect opportunity to get the features you want in a vehicle, and you’ll finally be able to go on a trip without the children complaining about not having enough legroom. However, there are several things to consider before heading to a car lot.

1. New Vs. Used

More and more people are choosing to purchase new cars. The sales of total new cars topped $1 million. New cars have several benefits, such as being less likely to break down. The average car repair cost is $356.04, which can add up to a large sum of money over time. However, used cars are often cheaper initially, making them more appealing to anyone who needs a new car at a more affordable price.

2. Registration Fees

In the United States, there are 1.4 billion cars registered. Every car that is registered requires that the owner pay registration fees. However, these fees vary depending on how much you paid for the car. For example, a vehicle license fee of 0.65% of the vehicle’s value is added to the other fees in California. If you’re working on a budget, a cheaper, used car will lead to cheaper registration fees.

3. Features

Most cars come with safety features like anti-lock breaks. However, you may want to look into a wealth of other features, including Bluetooth capabilities that will let you enjoy WiFi while in the car. Backup cameras are another popular feature that many new car owners look for. Consider features that can also provide entertainment, such as cars with built-in DVD players.

4. Space

Space is a crucial factor when purchasing a new car. Consider how many people you’ll transport daily and how old they are. Infants and toddlers tend to take up more seat room because they have large, bulky car seats. Likewise, older children will want more legroom because they are more than likely taller. You’ll also want to consider whether you plan on extending your family in the future and plan for that.

5. Storage Space

Besides considering the space you need for people, it’s crucial to consider the space you’ll need for all of your stuff. Family life means that you’ll be carting around diaper bags, folding strollers, and still need somewhere to put the groceries. Ensure third-row vehicles have a seat that folds down for additional cargo space. Smaller vehicles must have plenty of trunk space to accommodate family needs.

6. Reliability

Everyone needs a reliable vehicle that isn’t likely to break down. Ensure that you ask about previous car accidents, which can impact the car’s reliability. You’ll also want to ask about maintenance and repairs that have been completed. The make and model can drastically impact reliability, as can the mileage. Research a vehicle before purchasing it to ensure your family has a reliable car.

7. Resell Value

The second you drive a car off the car lot, it depreciates in value. However, some cars will retain a certain amount of value over time while others will not. If you plan on selling your car in the future, research the make and model of the car to determine if it will have a good resell value. This can help you recoup some of the money you spend on the car when you’re ready for an upgrade.

Finding the perfect family car means finding one that suits all your needs. Consider space, reliability, and important things, such as features or resell value.

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