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When The Homeschool Review Crew offered up the Algebra for Breakfast for this review Monkey jumped on it. She was so excited over another math program. I was excited to see her excited to get into Algebra beyond a fun learning app we have for her now. Algebra for breakfast is very much hands on which is perfect for Monkey and her ADHD.

Algebra for Breakfast
Algebra for Breakfast is an online-based program that offers hands-on manipulatives, DIY hands on projects like homemade playing cards, and each lesson has a downloadable PDF activity or worksheet. Every 30 days you get more lessons added to your account so you can keep going.

We picked grades 3-4 to review for Monkey. Algebra for Breakfast is more of a supplement than a full Math curriculum and is a great way to start out your homeschool day. Reminds me of activities we would do in school as kids for morning work. This fun math enrichment does get Monkey excited and fits well with our hands-on homeschool style.

The site can be a bit difficult to navigate. When you log in it takes you to a back end similar to my blog which can be a bit confusing the first time. going back to the site again while logged in will put you in the front end where you can access all of the lessons.

The video section of the lessons is a bit of a strain on Monkey to pay attention to. She’s much like me and videos just can’t keep her focus like the hands on things the combination is great because it means the program will work for more kids but we really wish the videos all had text translations and pictures for when a video just will not work.

Algebra for Breakfast offers two levels grades 3-4 and 5-6

Full Membership Package for either grade level includes…

  • 1st Month of membership access to 40+ video lessons
  • Skip Counting CD
  • A Set of Math Dice
  • A set of Math Manipulatives
  • Printables Worksheets

Monkey needs help navigating the site for this one which is disappointing because it would be nice if she could manage the lessons on her own while I work with other children but once she is into where she needs to be she can do it so I set her up before I start cooking breakfast.

My son is a couple grades too low for this program but it is not uncommon as with everything else to see him sitting with Monkey working away on the lessons with her help. I figure this is a good thing because she is learning more by explaining what she learned to him.

There is not tracking to see what you have or have not finished so I have to be careful to log what we have done already in my planner because this pregnant mama brain can not remember off hand. I think a simple printable spreadsheet for logging progress would be enough but I don’t have the time to go to every lesson ahead of time to build one. I would love to see one offered with each update of new material you get while you are a member.

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