Are You Suffering from Hair loss? This might help you!

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a disorder with 80 million Americans in reach, with several people worldwide. However, losing an average amount of strands with the new ones taking the place of the lost ones is entirely normal and as claimed by the doctors, losing around 100 strands a day is normal until you start noticing hairs everywhere in your house.

And so, the question comes: what to do for shedding hair? Below are some tips to help you effectively stop hair loss once and for all.

  1. Include extra protein in your diet.

Protein deficiency can affect your hair health negatively, causing hair fall with poor hair growth. There are chances that you are not consuming a protein each day, and therefore it is your sign to start including protein food items in your diet.

Answering to what to do for shedding hair, you can eat or drink your protein; the only concern is that the nutrients get into your body. 40 to 60 grams per day of protein is required for a balanced ecosystem inside your body. Especially for vegetarians or vegans, the amount of protein you need to consume can be increased by pulses, beans, legumes, or protein shakes. 

Other ways to meet your daily protein requirements are by eating eggs, yogurt, milk and other dairy products.

  1. Take necessary vitamins.

Lack of specific vitamins and minerals like A, B, C, D, E, zinc and iron can cause hindrance in your hair growth. You can consult a doctor who can perform tests to see if you have a vitamin deficiency.

Consuming biotin forte with zinc, for people with specific deficiencies, as a supplement can help maintain healthy hair, skin, and muscle tissue.

If you are looking for an effective way of enriching your body with vitamins, drip IV is a great method to consider. It delivers vitamins and nutrients to your bloodstream in a short period of time.

However, do not take anything without a prescription from a qualified doctor, as things good for others can have side effects for you as per your skin, body, and hair type.

  1. Switch to the Mediterranean diet.

Consuming vegetables, fruits, and proteins as the main ingredient can be helpful compared to other high-sodium food items. It is also known as a Mediterranean diet and can balance out the flow of necessary minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in your body, promoting overall good health. 

  1. Prefer over-the-counter medication for hair loss.

Available as a solution or form, you may have heard of a commonly used medication, minoxidil, that prevents hair loss in men. It is applied directly to your scalp and has been proven by the FDA at a 5% strength rate.

Therefore, it is readily available and does not require any prescription, so you can try using it to see if it works for you. One thing to remember is that doctors recommend using low-dose oral minoxidil as a treatment to be on the safe side.

  1. Low-level laser light therapy.

Low-level laser light therapy is a new treatment approved by the FDA which uses wants and helmets to initiate hair growth and reduce skin inflammation. However, sunburn due to heat can result from the treatment, which can be treated with some lotion. 

  1. Avoid the use of Harsh chemical treatments and heating tools.

Washing your hair regularly and maintaining your scalp health are some little things that will go a long way. Treatments containing harmful sulfate and silicones can affect your hair’s health and growth.

Heating tools, hair dyes, bleach, and hair colors can also damage your hair. Preventing such chemicals and hair treatments would be an intelligent choice if you suffer from hair fall.

Many factors result in hair loss; it can either be due to stress, hormonal changes followed by pregnancy or menopause, or heavy medications such as chemotherapy.

Suppose you are experiencing excessive hair loss and no precaution or preventive measure is working in your favor. In that case, consulting the issue with a dermatologist can help you understand the problem from a deeper perspective and follow the right things to combat it.

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