Baby Steps To A More Self-Sufficient Lyfestyle

Many people are looking at ways to be more self-sufficient as this economic depression rages on. I understand that getting started can be overwhelming and many people like me love to tell people about big steps like installing full gardens and or raising backyard chickens. The truth is that for many families such as those in apartments or living on a very low income, these things are out of grasp. The good news is that you can take baby steps to a more self-sufficient lifestyle even with these limitations.

These are some of the baby steps that we took to get started. You can start these one at a time working with what you have available. These will give you a bit of self-sustainability while helping to build skills that can help you in the future should you ever be ready to participate in bigger steps.

Container gardening

Even if all you have only a window to work with you can grow some things indoors. Upcycled containers like plastic coffee cans make amazing planters for kitchen window gardens. You can even skip buying seeds and start by regrowing some common vegetables or rooting fresh herbs you find at the grocery store.

Freezing fresh food

Many people think of preservation like canning, dehydrating, and even freeze-drying when they think about food storage. These are amazing methods for food storage but the truth is that you may find that it is much more sustainable to instead start with what you have. Start freezing bulk deals on things like meats and produce you get on sale to help lower costs for the next few weeks or months.

With a bit of knowledge, you can prevent freezer burn and help turn your freezer into one of the most sustainable baby steps you can make. Eventually, if you can find a bit of room in your budget a vacuum sealer can be an amazing investment for helping to freeze food for your family. You can go simple or take it up a notch with a sturdy option like a Food Saver.

Learn handy craft skills

When people think of self-sustainability they don’t think about simple things like repairing your own clothing but these small handy craft skills can make a world of a difference. Taking the time to learn small handicraft skills is a great way to make the most of your time when you have very limited funds. You can get started with a simple sewing kit.

These three baby steps are so easy and cheap that literally anyone even someone living in a hotel or living off SSI can find a way to make at least one work into their lives. I know that it can feel hopeless when you are trying to find a way to make ends meet and the end just keeps climbing higher but with a little work, we can all pull through this and find ourselves in a better place in life when this ends.

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