Basement Remodeling Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Gone are the days when basements were synonymous with dark and creepy spaces underneath a house. Nowadays, a basement is no longer seen as space for only storage purposes but has evolved into an essential part of a house. Homeowners today realize the potential of the extra acres of space that lie beneath and have smartly utilized them into one that is functional and fashionably inviting. 

According to the latest findings, basement remodeling and finishing in the United States average costs between $7,000 and $23,000. The average costs for basement finishing vary slightly from city to city, hugely based on the cost of living in the area. According to Redfin, in the lovely lake city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, home properties have seen an increase of as much as 14% in prices.

While basement remodeling in Kenosha costs around $8,859 to $38,759, the ROI can be well worth it. Basement remodeling is a booming trend, as homeowners see an average ROI of 70% and home value increments of up to 20%. If you are a homeowner in Kenosha looking for a trendy basement upgrade, here are some trends to look out for: 

First: Hire a Professional Contractor

Renovating the basement is not an easy task, and it’s often best to leave it in the hands of professionals, considering the amount of work needed. Work like clearing the basement, framing and insulating walls, installing flooring, ceilings, plumbing, electric wiring, air ducts, hanging drywall, applying paint, and more requires advanced remodeling skills. 

So, hire basement remodelers to revamp your basement precisely according to your needs. If you’re in Kenosha, you can easily find experts to carry out the extensive basement remodeling work. They’ll also guide you on basement design ideas to create a customized space and share Kenosha basement remodel costs alongside giving free pricing estimates.  

Function Of the Basement

A simple basement transformation adds to the value of a property, opens up space, and provides customized functional space. This underutilized area offers countless opportunities for homeowners to transform it into whatever they want. 

Now, let’s explore some trendy functions a remodeled basement can offer:

  • Guest Room/Extra Bedroom

Using your basement to build an extra bedroom for personal or guest use is a brilliant idea to maintain privacy while opening up space. Install egress windows and sliding doors. Throw in a Murphy bed or wall bed along with simple shelves and complementing pieces of furniture to maintain a minimalistic look. Cozy it up with bright lights and classy décor items for a personal touch.

  • Gym

A basement is ideal for a home gym. One can achieve fitness in complete privacy without wasting time or disturbing the rest of the household. The extra space helps accommodate various exercise equipment like a treadmill, Pilates reformer machine, weight lifting equipment, or yoga mats. 

  • Childrens Play Area

Indoor play areas in basements are a fantastic way to provide children with a safe and controlled environment, especially when outdoor play areas are not an option. With the right creativity, a basement can be transformed into a fun play zone filled with toys, activity areas, and games so kids can release their inexhaustible energies and creativity. 

  • Wine and Snack Bar

Turning a basement into a wine and snack bar is a great idea for crafting a relaxing spot. Furnish it with wine racks, impressive glassware, and a well-stocked refrigerator. Finish it with comfy seats, soft lighting, and your favorite snacks so you can sip and munch with friends and family.

  • Library

Building a library in the basement is a treat for all the bibliophiles in the family. You can start with a few bookshelves and a humble collection of books that can grow over the years. Set up comfortable seats, reading lights, and cozy rugs and tables to create the perfect reading nook in a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Study/Home Office/Craft Room

A basement can be turned into a private study, home office, or craft room by adding a sturdy desk and work or craft essential tools to create a solitary space dedicated to study and work. 

  • Man Cave

It’s ideal for the man of the house to utilize the space for relaxation and amusement after a day’s hard work. Equip it with a big-screen TV, pool table, card table, karaoke, and a mini-fridge stocked with beers.

  • Home Theater

Building a home theater in a basement is an exciting way to experience cinematic glory in the comfort of one’s home. A home theater can be easily set up with a big-screen television or a projector screen and a good-quality surround sound system. Invest in theater-style seats and a popcorn machine to complete the experience.

  • Laundry Area

Laundry equipment can be conveniently fitted with pre-existing plumbing and drainage connections. Operating the washers and dryers below can keep the rest of the house noise-free from the humming of the machines.


A stairway is one of the most important features of a basement. Here are some popular stairway designs and trends:

  • Open Staircases

Railing-free staircases are a great way to open up spaces.

  • Floating Stairs

As the name suggests, these stairs have steps that are not supported by risers and appear to float. They help give any basement a modern feel.

  • Statement/Glass Railings

Modern glass or statement wood and metal railings not only serve the purpose of making stairs safe but also beautiful.

  • Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs give an elegant touch to larger spaces.

  • Wooden Stairs

Classic, solid wooden stairs add a rustic and timeless charm to any basement.

  • Under-Stair Storage

These stairs have storage spaces underneath them and are perfect for small and large basements.


Lighting makes any space more inviting and beautiful. Well-lit spaces feel more comfy and welcoming than dimly lit ones, but lighting solutions should be well thought out to match the functionality of a basement. Some important trends to look into when considering lighting options for a basement are:

  • Natural Lights

Bring in more daylight by making windows bigger or adding egress windows.

  • LED Lights

LED lights are an economical, power-saving solution when it comes to lights. For a balanced light effect, install LED lights around the ceiling, shelving, and floor area.

  • Lamps

Use table and floor lamps to make spaces extra cozy and illuminated.

  • Cove Lighting

It is a technique of adding integrated lighting around the perimeter of ceilings and walls to achieve a soft and diffusely lit area.

  • Emergency Lights

Prepare for unseen power outages by investing in a backup generator or battery-powered lights.

  • Wall Sconces

Use wall sconces or statement wall-mounted light fixtures to add aesthetic appeal.

When remodeling the basement, the possibilities and choices are endless. With the right ideas, homeowners can remodel their basements according to their specific needs and add value to their properties. Hire local contractors and follow the trends above to make your basement more functional and inviting. 

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