Best Home Renovations To Increase Return Value When You Go To Sell

It’s time to say goodbye to the house you’ve lived in for years and you’re hoping to make some impactful renovations so the return value is greater. Renovating a place before you move out is very common and can be a smart thing to do when you want to sell it for a higher price.

There are plenty of renovations that can help do this, but let’s stick with the basics for now. Maintaining these relatively simple renovation tasks will help boost the value of your home.

Make Sure Your Yard Looks Nice

One of the easiest and popular selling tips to increase return value on your home is maintaining the landscaping. Nearly 90% of real estate agents recommend investing in landscaping before you sell your home.

Having a nice and maintained yard will increase your curb appeal and the return value on your home. Interested homebuyers want to be able to see an inviting yard with room for potential children and animals to play. Landscaping can even inspire potential homeowners to start landscaping projects of their own.

On the other hand, a distressed lawn will discourage buyers from the land. As such, you’ll want to spend some time tending to your lawn before you invite people to an open house.

Taking some time to invest in your lawn means making sure the grass and yard look nice, planting and maintaining flowers with mulch to protect and add curb appeal, and cutting down any hazardous trees.

Well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase the property value of a home by 14% or more, meaning you’re that much more likely to make money off the work you’ve done to the yard. It could be as simple as making sure you mow and rake the grass before people come to visit or it could be more difficult, like having to call a contractor to come and take down an old, dead tree.

However daunting or simple it may seem, the end result will be worth the time and effort it took.

Make Sure the House Is In Tip-Top Shape

Let’s start with the roof since certain roof repair jobs can be done by yourself. If you haven’t replaced the shingles on your roof in a few years, it’s likely they’ve become worn or even torn off.

It’s relatively simple to replace the shingles yourself, and a roof that has no potential to leak or need for fixing in the near future will be worth more than one that needs repairs.

Should you not feel comfortable or have the ability to address your roof due to the type of roofing you have, hiring a contractor may still be a worthwhile investment.

For example, standing-seam metal roofing can increase the return value for a home by nearly 86%. Should your roof be damaged and in need of a total replacement, investing in standing-seam metal roofing may be just what you need to charge a little higher for your home.

The kitchen is another room where investing in nicer appliances, countertops, and the sink can allow for a higher return value on your home. Having newer and nicer appliances will allow you to charge more for them than if you had old, outdated, or even malfunctioning equipment.

This is because few homeowners want to shell out for expensive fixes in the near future. The same concept goes for the sink, countertops, and even the cupboards. Updating to more modern styles or newer models will be more appealing to potential home buyers. This also goes for the flooring throughout the kitchen and the rest of the house as well. For example, carpeting is less popular now than it used to be.

Updating your floors to the original hardwoods has a better chance of increasing return value than cleaning the carpets.

Look for Things that Are Outdated

The most simplistic way to address adding return value to your house is by updating your home. You can look for appliances and features in your home that may be out of date, out of style, or no longer works.

For example, some people enjoy the old-timey vibe of a clawfoot bathtub, but others may want a more updated shower. It’s important to not get carried away and replace everything, but knowing what to renovate to attract potential buyers, like the kitchen, landscaping, and roof, can all make a difference.

When you’re trying to sell your home for more money, rely on these tips to get the most bang for your buck.

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