Dealing With Anxiety

I am not going to lie to you. I have some major Anxiety issues that rear their ugly head more often than I would like to admit. As a busy wife, mom, caregiver, and businesswoman I have a lot on my plate and this can be a big issue. Dealing with Anxiety takes time, effort, and a good understanding of how I got to that point. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with anxiety instead of letting it take over.

Get help.

Getting help for your anxiety can take many different forms. From online therapy, like I have used, to group counseling, there are a host of professional options out there.

Sometimes that help is just having a friend or family member come over and help you have the support you need to get through a rough patch.

Sometimes it is simply telling your Dr what is going on and taking their advice.

Getting help will not look the same for everyone and that is okay.

Use your senses

Mid anxiety attack can be a scary and difficult place to be. A great ways to stop an anxiety attack is to stop and use your senses. Look for something you can taste, something you can hear, something you can see, and something you can feel.

Focusing on what your senses are picking up on is a great way to distract yourself from the anxiety attack allowing your body to calm down and end that sense of danger. Claiming thee adrenaline fueling your anxiety attack.

Break down your stress

If you find yourself feeling anxiety due to the stress in your life a great way to deal with it is to break down what is stressing you into manageable pieces. Much of my stress and anxiety stems from always having a huge to-do list.

Make a list and then break that list down into smaller chunks like I suggest in this post about mental health tips for busy moms.

Practice mindfulness

As funny as it sounds self-care and mindfulness activities are really important to our mental health.

Practicing mindfulness allows you to step away from your current issues and focus on the moment. This can help you cope and calm down. this tick is perfect for helping maintain reduced anxiety levels once you get it under control wit other methods.

Get some sleep

Lack of sleep can be a major contributor to anxiety. To help deal with anxiety you should focus on ensuring that you are getting enough sleep.

After a good nights sleep it is easier to cope with the stress of life and get things done each day.

Eat and drink water

In the middle of an anxiety attack, you may not be thinking about what your body needs but often when our needs go unmet anxiety rears it’s ugly head.

Take a moment to find a snack that is high in protein allowing you to fill your stomach and raise your blood sugar without the crash a high carb snack would give. Low or high blood sugar can trigger anxiety issues.

Drink water. Not a sugary drink but real water. Dehydration can be anxiety-inducing.

This post is brought to you by Regain. An online digital therapy program for couples that can help you get through life’s challenges. All advice and opinions are my own.

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