This time of year fresh fruits and veggies are coming into season and the price is dropping. Now is the time to preserve what you can and Dehydrating Foods is an easy option that will save space and make food last for a really long time.  We recently picked up a dehydrator to start on our journey of dehydrating foods and already we find ourselves in love with it.  While we still plan on canning homemade jellies and jams I have found so many longer lasting, space saving dehydrating foods recipes that we will do a lot less canning then we had originally planned.

What do you need for dehydrating foods?

Well that is easy.

  • Food
  • A knife to cut it (a mandolin would save effort)
  • A dehydrator
  • Parchment paper or tray liners for purees and such.
  • Air tight containers to store in. (freezer bags, mason jars, vacuum sealer the options are endless)

It really is that easy. So little is needed that I wonder why I did not get into this sooner. As time goes by you will see many recipes for dehydrating foods and how to use them here on Simple at Home.


Dehydrating Foods: Recipes and how-to dos.

Dehydrating Foods is an easy option for storing food you grow or find on sale for a really long time. Here you will find our list of all current live to view pasts on Dehydrating Foods here on Simple at home. Bookmark this page so you can come back anytime or visit our tag Dehydrating Foods.

Dehydrating Foods: Ways to use dehydrated foods.

As we break into our supply of dehydrated foods I will link the posts I mention using them right here for you to find easy along with a list of which dehydrated foods I mention.

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