Easy Pumpkin Treat Bags

We prefer to celebrate Halloween in a much more toned-down fashion. Same as every other holiday really. Rather than go off trick-or-treating we stay home for a movie, some pizza, and pumpkin treat bags of safe treats that do not trigger our food allergies or the kid’s ADHD with artificial dyes.

We have so much fun, while other families are braving the elements chasing down candy. These treat bags can be used for Halloween, a trip to the pumpkin patch, or even taking treats home on Thanksgiving.

These pumpkin treat bags are perfect for a not so scary Halloween

This year I am taking things up a notch seeing the children have friends that will be around. I decided these pumpkin treat bags are better than the ones we made last year. We painted over a dozen of these the other day and stashed them away for when the children’s friends show up.

I see the day starting early long before the sun goes down. somehow I don’t think the parents will like me when their kids get a bit more sugar in their system than normal before the night is out. I may switch our celebration to the weekend.

These not so scary pumpkin treat bags are so cute

Make these pumpkin treat bags.

You need:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Orange watercolor paint
  • Green paint
  • Green embroidery thread or ribbon
  • Clothespins
  • Hearts cut out of green paper.
want a cute lunch sack or treat bag? This pumpkin DIY is so cute

Paint each bag with orange watercolor paints. Watercolor paint will not chip or peel. You can opt for using orange bags.

Paint a clothespin green for each bag and tie a string bow to one side.

Roll the top of each filled bag down and secure it with a clothespin.

Add a cute heart leaf tag and label with each child’s name.

Celebrating Halloween

Halloween is a magical time for children where they get a reminder that the world is not always as it seems and they can embrace themselves for who they are. Have fun and make this Halloween about enjoying the harvest and celebrating diversity.

While these are more on the traditional side for Halloween for the majority of the holiday this year we plan to celebrate The Day of The Dead with family and friends as we are studying our Mexican side of the families culture and language this year. I so look forward to the fun.

Want more pumpkin fun? Check out our pumpkin pie sensory play DIYs.

Creative ways to use these Pumpkin Treat Bags

Mini Pumpkin Pinata: Fill the treat bags with small candies or toys, and then hang them up like pinatas. Kids can take turns trying to break them open to reveal the treats inside.

Scavenger Hunt Clues: Use the treat bags as clues in a Halloween scavenger hunt. Write riddles or hints on small pieces of paper and place them inside the bags. Each bag will lead the participants to the next clue.

Table Decorations: Place the treat bags as decorative elements on your Halloween party table. You can use them as placeholders for seating arrangements or scatter them around for a festive touch.

Bouquet of Pumpkin Flowers: Attach strings or wires to the treat bags and arrange them like a bouquet of flowers. You can hang this on your door or use it as a centerpiece for your Halloween party.

Party Favors: Fill the bags with small trinkets, toys, or candies and give them out as party favors. You could even add a personal touch by including a handwritten note or a small craft inside.

Candle Holders: If the bags are made of a fire-resistant material, you can place LED tea lights or battery-operated candles inside to create a warm, ambient glow.

DIY Pumpkin Garland: String the treat bags together to create a pumpkin-themed garland. Hang it across doorways, windows, or along a banister for a festive decoration.

Pumpkin Patch Game: Arrange the treat bags in a grid on the floor or a table. Label each bag with a number or a symbol. Have kids take turns picking a bag and winning a prize or treat based on what’s inside.

Gift Wrapping: Use the treat bags to wrap small gifts or party favors for guests. Tie them with a ribbon and add a small tag for a personal touch.

Halloween Countdown: Fill the bags with small surprises or treats and number them from 1 to 31. Each day leading up to Halloween, have a family member open one bag to reveal the treat inside.

Photo Booth Props: Attach sticks to the bags and use them as photo booth props. Guests can hold them up for fun and festive pictures.

Glowing Jack-O’-Lanterns: Place glow sticks or battery-operated lights inside the treat bags to turn them into glowing jack-o’-lanterns. Scatter them around your yard or house for a spooky ambiance.

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  • Myrah @ Coupon Mamacita says:

    Those are just the cutest. My daughter is gone away to college, so I have no one to make these for now. =( Oooh! But I’m thinking these might be great for Halloween handouts!

  • Jeanette says:

    It’s a cute little craft! Perfect for the fall season. My friend has a little one and I know he would love doing this.

  • Shauna says:

    Oh my goodness, those are super-cute. I am in charge of coming up with craft ideas for my kids’ classrooms, so these would be perfect! I am totally going to pass on this idea to their teachers. Thanks for sharing

  • Tara says:

    What cute treat bags. I would have loved to have done this with my daughter when she was younger.

  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom says:

    I always buy special treats for kids with allergies because one of my son’s neighborhood friends has severe allergies. This year I think I’m going to put out a teal pumpkin so parents know.

  • Kelly Hutchinson says:

    These are so super cute and I bet the kids have so much fun making them. A cool project to do!

  • Kristin says:

    Cute idea for Halloween. So exciting getting ready to be creative with the theme.

  • Stefani Tolson says:

    What a fun and easy craft idea for the kids!

  • Claudia Krusch says:

    It’s so cute!! Perfect for the fall season. My neighbor has a little one and I know he would love doing something like this! Will share!

  • Nolie says:

    What a cute idea. My kids would love making these and helping me put together treat bags.

  • Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This is a fantastic idea. It is great for kids with allergies.

  • Elizabeth Lampman says:

    I( will have to make some of these this year. They are so cute and a great idea.

  • Janis @MommyBlogExpert says:

    What an easy idea that kids can make for Halloween or even Thanksgiving. The heart shapes as leaves are absolutely adorbs and are really creative.