Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care with a Reel Mower

Are you interested in going green? Want to see your yard look great but worried about the environmental impact? HEre at the house, we have been using electric but I couldn’t get that nagging feeling that we could be doing more to reduce our impact when it comes to lawn care. I thought back to my childhood and those reel mowers we used to have so much fun with. I found myself searching to see if they even made them anymore. Sure enough, American Lawn Mower is still in business and thriving. The next thing I knew a nice shiny push mower was on my doorstep and I was one step closer to an environmentally friendly lawn with plenty of curb appeal.

American Lawnmower

This style lawn mower is really the perfect fit for our family. I wish I would have jumped to one instead of the electric to start with. A reel mower has many amazing benefits. They use no outside power source which means you are not polluting the air or dwindling limited natural resources.  Not only are old-fashioned reel mowers good for the environment they are good for your body as well allowing you to burn more calories while doing your lawn work without it feeling any harder than any other mower.

American Lawnmower reel mower

I was excited to work with American Lawn Mower Co because we have a firm belief in supporting  American businesses. After all supporting each other is the only way we will see growth in our own economy, and environmentally friendly lawn care option that benefits our own economy is truly a win-win situation.

The Amazing Benefits of a Reel Mower

A reel mower is better for the environment. Every time you mow you mow your lawn with a powered model you are using fuel that puts a strain on natural resources and adds to the pollution in the air. A reel lawn mower does not put this strain on the environment so you can feel good about what you are doing.

A reel mower is good for teaching children reasonability. There is no reason I should be the only one doing the work around the house. A reel mower is the safest option for my children to help work on the lawn. Chances are you have fond memories of doing the same running through your head right now. And I can relax knowing the chance of one of the children getting hurt is very minimal… not that they won’t find a way to stub a toe or something beacuse they are my kids after all.

Speaking of the kids… This is a great way to work off excess kid energy. Wither you have ADHD kids like us that need to get energy out so they don’t fidget or just kids with a bit of extra energy that can get them into trouble.

The kids are not the only one that benefits. A reel mower can burn as many calories an hour as running a mile. So you can enjoy that cookout guilt-free after giving your lawn a haircut.

It’s FUN. Just look at the photo below of my son zooming through the front yard. Not only did he do our he did the yard next door as well beacuse well he was having fun with what he considers his new toy.

Environmentally friendly lawn care with an old fashioned reel mower form American Lawn Mower co

Tips for using a reel mower

A reel mower is easy to use. Anyone strong enough to push it can smoothly mow a lawn. American lawn mowers are a classic but they work better than ever with small modifications to the design making them run smoother and now less likely to rust like the one you had as a kid.

Adjust the height of your mower to fit your needs. If you want a lush green lawn set it for 3 inches and cut more often. You can do this guilt free with a reel mower beacuse you have chosen and environmentally friendly option. If you need to mow less often choose a 1-inch cutting height. If you are unsure then go somewhere in between.

If the reel mower gets stuck roll the blades backward and remove the thing that is stopping it. This was great beacuse we had been picking up sticks and twigs from the lawn crew since last year and the reel mower found most of the small sticks we had not gathered yet.

Reel Mower

Maintaining your Reel Mower

While rust resistant you should still store your reel mower out of the rain to allow it to mast many, many years. Reel mowers are sturdy and can often outlive their owner making them a great investment over a modern style that breaks down until it can no longer be repaired.

Oil gears regularly to keep them moving smoothly. This is such a simple and easy way to ensure your mower works for years to come.

Sharpen the balds every few uses so that your mower can continue to work as well as the day you got it. Follow the instructions on your blade sharpening kit.

Just like on your car when the tire tread begins to wear down get a replacement set to keep your lawn mower running in tip-top shape. Without good tread, your tires will not rotate pushing the blade cadge to cut the grass.


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I received this mower to facilitate this post. All thoughts an opinions are my own.

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  • Joan M. Wilson says:

    I need a new Hub Cap (part number A30926-1A) for my 16″ Push Reel Lawn Mower
    I damaged it trying to sharpen with mower myself

    • Jenn Gerlach says:

      Contract customer service. They are amazing and will be happy to help you find what you need.