DIY Eyeliner

When my sister introduced me to gel eyeliner my life got so much easier. Being visually impaired really made putting on traditional eyeliner hard.

Really when you have to close your only working eye to line it you start to look like you had a child put it on. With gel eyeliner I can out it on without fully closing my eye. That’s pretty cool, right? Only have you seen what is in that stuff?

I get nervous putting so many chemicals on my face. SO I had to give making my own DIY eyeliner a try. I love how it turned out. Not only is this natural it is cheaper too!

Make your own DIY eyeliner

The glycerin in this project helps stick the charcoal to your eyes all day long. This is a bit more on the wet side than the store bought version but glides on silky smoothe. When you’re done with this one use the same basic ingredients and a bit of argon oil to make your own all-natural lash growing mascara. Don’t forget to give our avocado activated charcoal face mask a try too.

What you need to make your own Eyeliner

Make your own natural eyeliner with this easy DIY recipe

How to make your own eyeliner

This is such an easy project anyone can do it. Put your glycerin into your empty eyeliner container.

Cut open your caplets of activated charcoal and pour into the glycerin.

Mix well and you are ready to use.

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