Factors to Choose the Best Memory Foam Gel Mattress

A good night’s sleep can be your superpower. You can make the most of this superpower if you have the right mattress. A memory foam gel mattress helps you relax and enjoy a deep sleep throughout the night, leaving you refreshed and charged for the morning. But, there is an overwhelming number of options out there. 

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These are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best memory foam gel mattress.

Types of Memory Foams

There are essentially three types of memory foams when it comes to mattresses. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Regular Memory Foam: These mattresses are made from a petroleum base and are designed for the highest comfort. That said, there are concerns about the VOC emission and heat with them.
  • Gel Memory Foam: This is a relatively new technology that injects the regular memory foam with a layer of gel to provide extra comfort and reduce heat. 
  • Plant-Based Foam: This is made of plant-based materials. This foam keeps the mattress cool and avoids any emissions. There are, however, concerns about the response time of the mattress. 

Now you know the different types of memory foam, how do you pick the right one?

The Density

The density of the mattress determines how heavy and firm it is. It affects the feeling of being buoyant when in bed. A very high density will result in a sunken feeling as it responds slowly. A very low density will mean easy wear and tear of the mattress. A density that ranges from 3lbs to 5.3lbs per cubic foot is considered appropriate. 

Temperature Neutrality

Memory foam gel mattress can experience changes in their properties with changes in temperature. Temperature-sensitive foams react to the temperatures outside and will become hard in the cold. It means, it will need time to conform to your body as it warms up from the heat from your body.

On the other hand, a temperature-neutral memory gel mattress will respond to the body weight and pressure instead of the temperature. So, if your house experiences extreme cold weather, then find a temperature neutral mattress.

The Thickness

Usually, a memory foam gel mattress is 6 to 14 inches thick. So, determining the right thickness if imperative for the highest comfort. The general rule is that heavier people should opt for a thicker mattress and vice versa. 

The Depth

While the density does, to a certain extent, determine the depth of your mattress, it is not the only factor. The average foam mattress has an inner support layer with about 6 inches of memory foam. That said, people with larger frames will require deeper layers to accommodate their size.

Opting for mattresses with many layers is a good idea as it will last longer than a mattress with fewer layers. Layers of memory foam, gel foam, convoluted foam, and regular foam can end up being cheaper and have a longer life. In contrast, a mattress with just one thick layer of memory foam and another thick layer of support foam will be expensive, and may not last as long.

Buying a mattress is a decision not to be taken lightly. If you get the wrong one, you are stuck with it. Considering these factors, while buying a mattress will ensure that you are well-rested and fresh in the morning. 


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