Fairy Garden Sensory Bin

As we prepare for our trip to the Michigan Renasans Festival we are mixing a lot of lessons that the trip will relate to into our homeschooling.

The children’s area at the festival is well known for its fairyland qualities, fairy houses everywhere you look, and wondering fairies to encourage your child’s imagination. While the only children are studying history the younger three are deep in the world of fairy tales.

Fairy Garden Sensory Bin

Faries are great for encouraging your child’s imagination. Even the older children benefit from exploring this sensory bin before we start writing practice.

Studying ways to help the environment and attract fairies gives the children a challenge helping them grow their imaginations and add details to their stories.

Planting coneflowers in the garden helped attract hummingbirds and butterflies that look like fairies wearing the flowers as skirts.

Fairy Garden Sensory Bin

Building a fairy garden sensory bin

Fairy garden sensory bins are easy to put together. This time of year you can often find the supplies on clearance. If not faining fairy garden accessories is easy online. As a base, we used potting soil and river rocks.

Just coming into contact with the dirt is grounding and a great way to help improve your mood.

While this sensory bin gets really messy at times it is great to pull out when the kids or even myself are in need of a bit of connection to the earth even when the weather is not good enough to go outside.

Fairy Garden Sensory Bin

Inside our sensory bun we used:

:: Fairy garden accessory kits

:: Cheap fairies

:: Blue glass stones

:: River Rocks

:: Moss balls

:: A nice wooden box from one of the fairy kits

:: Crystal and mineral samples we had on hand from when we study geology.

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