Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

Fall is my favorite time of year. Crisp cool mornings and slow warm afternoons. Lazing around with a hood book or prepping the house for winter fall never has a moment of boredom. I am so happy to say goodbye to hot summer days with not much to do but chug water and wait for the air to not give you a headache. Yep, I love fall no matter where it takes me. My husband loves to add the creepy decorations and I mix in some farmhouse halloween decor to lighten it up a bit.

 Home Of…Halloween Personalized Standing Wood Sign –

Id love to put this out on the front porch. I am always referring to my little ones as my little monsters. The older kids are planning there Halloween “party” for this year all by themselves.

 Decal Only~Rae Dunn Inspired Halloween Vinyl Decals

These vinyl decals will go on anything making them fun. These would be perfect for a large plastic cauldron trick or treat bowl.

 Halloween Tea Towel Sleepy Hollow

I need this for my kitchen. It’s perfect for my husband and his love of Halloween and vampires but totally fits my home decor. A win all around.

 Farmhouse Halloween Lantern

How cute is this farmhouse Halloween lantern? I really want to add this to our front porch. I have few neighbors that fear cats so it is a great not so scary Halloween option for his that still holds enough creepy to bother the neighborhood.

 Rae dunn inspired Halloween word signs

As much as I loved the decals I can put on anything these signs are a quick and simple way to add a bit of Rea Dunn inspiration to our fall decor.

 Trick or Treat, Farmhouse Beads,

I love adding pretty little trinkets through our house like this pretty farmhouse bead string I can hang from a hook or wrap around round a glass jar or vase.

 Halloween Pillows Vintage Burlap Throw

I love burlap for my fall decor. It reminds me of our trips to the pumpkin patches. Not only is it cute for fall finding burlap to use in everything from banners for the mantel to making wreaths is easy and it has such a simple farmhouse feel to it.

 Happy Halloween Pumpkin

I think this wood slice Halloween sign would make a great farmhouse addition to my husband’s collection of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff taking over the mantel in the living room.

 Burlap Halloween Jack-o-lantern Banner

I still need a cute Halloween banner for the mantel. Last year we stuck with a general fall one of fake leaves and twinkling fairy lights. These cute pumpkin faces would be perfect and just the push I need to get up and finish repainting the mantel.

 Fall or Halloween white pumpkin and owl

This fall white pumpkin and owl could easily stay out well into November. I love decor that I can be lazy about. I could grab a couple of these and attach to the banister. Then leave until it is time to put up the Christmas decorations.


Beautiful Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

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