Field Trip: Legoland Discovery Center Auburn Hills Michigan

When I got wind of the new NINJAGO training camp I knew it would be the perfect trip to kick of field trip season for the big kids. Now the majority of the nasty cold, flu, and viruses have died down we are hunting for fun active indoor things for the children. The Legoland Discovery Center fit the bill. I was surprised how much they were able to pack into the discovery center inside the mall. Closets thing you’re going to get to Legoland FL here in Michigan.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

The new Ninjago Training Camp at Legoland Discovery Center

The new Ninjago training camp was pretty cool. By the time we worked our way around to it we got to walk right up to everything though that did not last long and the line for the lasers went out the door.

The kids really loved the first activity on the wall where they had to compete with each other hitting lights as they changed.

They had this cool fine motor activity that really challenged my oldest as she tried to move a metal ring along the metal frame without the two touching. Talk about focus and a steady hand. She really tried. I need to find something like this for home, to help her work on her focus and attention span. I can see real benefit from stuff like this for ADHD kids like Monkey.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

Cool Educational stuff to do at Legoland Discover Center Michigan

The lego factory tour was a bit disappointing on the educational side but they made it fun and interactive for the kids so they did enjoy it.

The Lego version of iconic places in Michigan is just stunning. Te kids loved seeing Detroit landmarks that they have seen in real life in miniature. My sister and I were truly impressed and she may have spammed her snap chat. The Renaissance Center in full lights for night time was just amazing.

They had this great activity where the children were challenged to build a structure on MOVING lego plates. This was a great lesson for them on how earthquakes knock buildings over and how buildings are made to withstand them.

Stop by and ask them Master builders how to create things that have been boggling your mind. The lego building workshops where similar to the Lego workshops we would do back at the Lego Store in Orlando.

Building your own Lego car to race was pretty cool. They had a big track that you could race your cars down to test. This area was packed the entire time we were there.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

Find free educational ideas from Legoland Discovery Center before you go

Tips for a great trip to Legoland Discovery Center

Plan your trip early. We planned our arrival alright about when everyone would be heading out to lunch. This gave us plenty of space but by the time we left several hours later the line to get in was around the corner.

They have a comfy spot for adults to rest. My sister and I took a break there in the cushy chairs while they kids climbed in the play area we could see from the lounges large windows. I love they even had a screen for nursing moms looking for privacy. This area was a life saver when my back and hips needed a rest.

Load up on the hand sanitizer, wipes, and vitamin C. Despite our best effort we came home with an unwanted souvenir. So many kids playing with Lego this is to be expected.

Bring a bag. Mom’s purse is enough if you don’t plan on doing any shopping and it is a warm day on your trip. A bigger bag for holding jackets, and anything you buy. Each child gets a special stamped Lego you won’t want to loose.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

Don’t forget to visit the Pick-a-Brick wall in the Lego store on the way out. This is a MUST for any homeschool mom. I have to tell you I was missing having one around and it is a must for any Mom using Lego for homeschooling. There is simply no other way to score a deal on all the little Lego odds and ends you need. We once snagged two dozen windows in Orlando.

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We received tickets to the Legoland Discovery Center to share the fun with you. This in no way changes that all opinions are our own and we are happy to share great field trip ideas with you.

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