Food, Vitamins, and Supplements to Improve Your Skin

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to involve buying costly creams and lotions. Here has some of the foods, vitamins, and supplements that can help you to improve your skin.

The health of the skin is affected by a lot of factors both internal and external that condition and influence how it looks and feels. Maintaining optimal skin health requires a balanced diet that provides essential trace elements and vitamins. While it may not always be possible for us to follow proper nutrition you can try some of the methods, like Lake Havasu IV therapy, which is an available method that quickly replenishes most of the vitamins that you need in a short time.

With the right nutrition, anyone can help improve their skin tone and texture while fighting common problems like acne and oily skin.

Chaga Mushroom

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The Chaga mushroom has been used for its healing properties for centuries. Some of its benefits include reducing symptoms of eczema or psoriasis and acting as a natural protector against UV rays. It also benefits your skin, builds up your immune system, helps to detox your liver, and is rich in melanin, which promotes skin health. The benefits it has on your body will make your skin look healthy on the outside too.

You can buy Chaga as a supplement from Hitoshin, making it easier to take regularly without having to worry about how you will incorporate this into your diet.


Eating oily fish such as sardines, salmon or mackerel can also have benefits for your skin, as they may have anti-inflammatory effects, helping to improve the appearance of acne. Sardines (including the tiny bones) can also be a good source of calcium. It is recommended you eat two portions of oily fish a week, as they contain collagen and vitamin E. These are great for your skin because they improve hydration, but they are also good for reducing the signs of ageing. Fish is a much cheaper way to look after your skin than pricey creams, and has other health benefits for your body such as preventing heart disease.


Broccoli is another food that can benefit your skin. So, if you’re a vegetarian and can’t eat fish, you can still improve your skin through the foods that you eat. Broccoli contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which are often used in skin care creams because of the benefits they have, such as helping to slow down wrinkles and reduce dry skin.


Soy milk, when consumed daily for several weeks, has been proven to reduce the appearance of ageing. It contains ingredients such as soybean oil, which can help keep your skin healthy and protect it when exposed to the sun. It’s the ideal way to look after your skin if you are lactose intolerant and can’t drink milk or consume other dairy products.

Vitamin D

Products containing vitamin D are also great for your skin. We can get vitamin D by being outside in the sun, but this carries the risk of overexposing our skin to UV rays. The safer option is to consume food containing vitamin D and to take a daily vitamin tablet if you are lacking in this.

A deficiency in vitamin D can aggravate skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema. So, by improving your intake, you might find the symptoms are alleviated. Foods that contain vitamin D include oily fish, red meat (although this shouldn’t be consumed regularly), some healthier breakfast cereals, and liver.

By changing your diet and adding supplements, you can improve the appearance and health of your skin, and alleviate the symptoms of some skin conditions. This can be cheaper than using expensive skin care products and will benefit your health in other ways too.

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