Fun Games to Teach Kids Math

We hate worksheets. Like really hate them. I remember sitting as a kid doing math worksheet after worksheet on the same math problems over and over and wondering why they were making us participate in such insanity. Then I got older and decided to homeschool. I found myself researching how to teach my kids and well I learned That our teachers did this to us to help with memory. I knew I had to find a solution that would make learning math fun and exciting for my kids so they would never lose their love of learning. I made up a lot of my own games and searched down board games and activities that would help them learn off the traditional paper trail.

 Sums in Space – An Addition & Subtraction Math Game for Kids

When we did our Space unit study I snagged this game to work on addition and subtraction. For the older kids, I added larger dies with 18 to 20 numbers to make it more of a challenge for them.

 Peaceable Kingdom Count Your Chickens Cooperative Board Game

I snagged this game for the younger children to go with our Millies Chickens book. I love to do fun activities to go with books.

 Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game

If you are looking for a gun game that will work for a family like ours that has children of all ages this math mat is a great option. It grows with your kids and can be used for each child’s needs at the level fit for them. Its fast paced and keeps kids from getting bored.

 Yahtzee Game

I love Yahtzee for teaching kids addition and multiplication skills.

 Melon Rind CLUMSY THIEF – Adding to 100 Game

The younger kids love this game and I love that it helps teach the youngest kids how to count to 100 in a fun way.

 Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

One can only play so many rounds of store before they are ready to scream. This game is a great alternative when I get tired of playing store or lemonade stand and they can still practice with basic money kills.

 Rummikub — The Original Rummy Tile Game

this math tile game is great for getting the older members of the family playing together. While not fit for the preschool crowd they don’t mind watching and cheering everyone on to beat daddy.

 Sequence Numbers

Flashcards do have their place but this makes them a little more fun by combi9neing fash cards with a form of bingo for a fun alternative.

 Math for Love Prime Climb

Prime climb is great for getting the kids together to work on math facts.

 Budget Board Game

I want my kids to have basic budgeting and money kills before they are grown up. The younger they learn these skills the better off they will be as adults. This game is great for working on money management skills with kids.

 STEM game PET ME for Multiplication and Division math board game- Easy start educational game Perfect learning gift for girls and boys 7 and up Pet wonderland adventure game for family

Multiplication and division take so much drilling to memorize the basic facts. This game pushes them to memorize the basic facts while they play instead of through worksheet after worksheet.

 Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game, 13 Fraction Pizzas

I love teaching fractions hands on. Most of my family hates fractions and I remember them complaining when I would bring fractions work home from school. Then I got older and realized we used fractions every day and they became a much easier topic for me so I skipped all of the stress and went right to teaching the children fractions hands-on. This game is a great start along with helping them learn to cook and adjust recipes.

Fun Games to Teach Kids Math

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