Great Kitchen Design Ideas to Try

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Designing your kitchen is one way to improve your home’s functionality. Learning the best kitchen design ideas that suit personal and family needs is a great place to start. Choosing the right design makes it easy to start your work with the best kitchen remodeling experts. This guide explains the best kitchen design ideas to try in your home today.

Butcher Block Countertops

Countertops are essential in every kitchen. They provide the space to prepare the recipes and meals effortlessly with the right countertops. While you have options, installing a butcher block countertop in your kitchen is one of the best ideas to try. With butcher block countertops, meal preparation gets easier. Note that countertops are among the special features that most millennial home buyers look at, with more than 62% preferring granite/natural stone. This is according to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey. Butcher block countertops have become the best design idea to try as you can incorporate granite or natural stone as materials to meet your expectations.

Mix Old and New Features

It might not make much sense to you, but mixing old and new features in your kitchen is a design idea with several benefits. Firstly, you increase cost-effectiveness by using old materials instead of buying new ones. You only buy the new features that suit your kitchen. Identifying the repair and improvement needs in your kitchen to incorporate the old and new features effortlessly is crucial. Ensure you determine the cost of renovations and improvements to successfully implement this idea. According to reports from a Cost vs. Value Study done by Remodeling Magazine in 2020, the highest costs recouped from renovations before a home’s sale included 72% of wooden deck additions, 78% and 75% of siding replacement (fiber-cement and vinyl), and 78% of minor kitchen remodels. For this reason, evaluating the renovation needs before mixing old and new features in your kitchen is important.

Add Bakers Rack

Baking is one of the activities that keep your kitchen active and productive. You might get the whole family involved with a great new kitchen! Adding a baker’s rack is a great kitchen design idea to try if you’re into baking. You’ll have everything in one place and find it easy to handle the process. The rack is useful for storing utensils, mason jars, canning supplies, specialty pans, and pie dishes. Besides organizing your kitchen, you create more space and make your home more functional. You can use the rack to store fruit baskets and other supplies needed in your kitchen.

Add More Light in the Kitchen

You need more lighting in your kitchen for hosting and cooking. While pendant lights are a good way to address your needs, you can lighten and brighten your kitchen in several other ways. You can add flush-mounted lights under your cabinets, renovate your windows to let in more natural light, or add recessed lighting that stretches across the room. By adding more light to your kitchen, you encourage cook-in and family dinners. According to reports from Houzz, homeowners have a 76% increased chance of cooking five or more meals in the newly remodeled kitchen in a week. Coupled with other renovations, adding more light in the kitchen creates an avenue for families to enjoy heartfelt dinners in their homes.

Floating Storage

More cabinets in the kitchen means more storage spaces. You can search for a kitchen tool in these cabinets with minimal success if your sense of organization is poor. The solution to this problem is to embrace floating storage as a kitchen design idea. Suppose you want to make the cooking task a little easier, store the bakeware, dishware, and utensils in plain sight. Floating storage ensures you can see and easily access what you need to make the cooking experience better and more effective. Install a set of floating shelves to transform and make your kitchen functional and relevant to your needs.

A functional kitchen makes your home more productive and beneficial to your family. Learning the best kitchen design ideas that will transform the place is important. The above guide explains the best design ideas to try in your kitchen today.

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