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My coffee pot died. Any of you that know me know that I LOVE coffee. I really love coffee and I have since my teen years where late nights of working or sports followed by early mornings meant I was a regular at the schools coffee show for a refill of what I finished on my walk to school. Now as a mom of many it fuels long days of homeschooling and housework, evenings of working on my computer until my eyes cross, and all-nighters with a squirmy nursing baby that spent way to long napping on her father while I worked.

Earch friendlyt coffee with a frenbch press

No coffee pot was a bad thing and I needed a new one so I did what many of us do and posted on Facebook asking what the best replacement options were on the market. It seemed a toss-up between the Keurig or a French Press. While I have never had a Keurig they haven’t really appealed to me seeing more wasteful than worth the investment and cost of pods. While one may be worth it for my husband I opted for the French Press.

When it arrived after a particularly late night of staying up with my sister I gave it a quick wash and put it to work right away. I was surprised it actually took less time to get coffee made than any electric coffee maker I had ever used. All without using any energy beyond what is used to heat the water for the kitchen. That makes me happy as we work on adding more earth-friendly options to our home.

Saving the earth one cup at a time

Simple steps to green with a french press

Why is a french press green?

  • No extra power needed. You can even heat the water over a campfire.
  • Nothing to throw away. The filters are reusable after a quick wash.
  • No plastic.
  • Grounds are ready for compost or just dump your entire leftover coffee and grounds right into the garden.

I picked a cheap French press off Amazon to give a try. One that came with a measuring spoon designed for it so I would not have issues with how much to put in the first time. Using the French Press was much easier then I had expected. In fact, combined with the electric tea kettle, it was faster than my old drip pot.

I used the same coffee I have been in the drip pot but the results were 100% different. The flavor is smooth, rich, and clean. For me, this French Press was a great green coffee making option I am so glad I gave a try.


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