Herb The Vegetarian Dragon w/ Counting Clip Cards

As we planned out our family picnic day I took a bit of time to see what books would be a good fit from our collection. Herb the Vegetarian Dragon was just perfect for the mix.

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon activities

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon is a delightful story of a dragon that is a bit different than other dragons. He sticks to his beliefs even when the going gets tough. While other dragons are eating princesses Herb is a peace loving vegetarian who spends his time working in his garden with his human friend who later races to his rescue. Herb changes the fate of all dragons as he convinces the king everyone can live in peace.

This is a great story for teaching children that though someone may look like someone that is doing bad that does not mean they are bad as well. This is a big deal in today’s world as racism is running rampant and no one is exempt. This is a great book to add to your lessons to teach your kids about diversity.

Grab this free counting clip card printable

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

To celebrate Herb’s vegetarian diet we made these grape counting clip cards to share with you. That’s cards are Herb approved and ready to print, cut, and play. Just add a clothespin or two.

—> Print your copy now <—

How to use these counting clip cards

Counting clip cards are a great educational tool for young children to learn and practice counting. Here’s how to use counting clip cards with kids:

Set up the activity: Gather the counting clip cards and a set of clothespins. Lay the cards out on a flat surface such as a table or the floor.

Explain the activity: Explain to the child that they will be counting the objects on the card and then clipping a clothespin to the correct number on the bottom of the card.

Count the objects: Encourage the child to count the objects on the card. For example, if there are six apples on the card, they should count, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.”

Find the correct number: On the bottom of the card, there will be a row of numbers. Encourage the child to find the correct number that corresponds to the number of objects on the card. In this case, they would find the number 6.

Clip the clothespin: Once the child has found the correct number, they should clip a clothespin to that number.

Repeat with the remaining cards: Repeat the activity with the remaining cards until the child has completed all of them.

Counting clip cards can be adapted to suit different skill levels and abilities. For younger children who are just starting to learn how to count, you can use cards with smaller numbers of objects. For older children who have mastered counting, you can use cards with larger numbers or more complex objects. This activity can be a fun and engaging way to help children develop their counting skills and reinforce their understanding of numbers.

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