Homemade Egg White Wraps

I have an obsession with egg white wraps. They are a great way to eat healthier than using bread for things like sandwiches. You can even cut them up to use as a noodle replacement to help get more protein in your diet with egg whites.

Naken Nutrition sent me an awesome tub of Naked Egg an egg white-based protein powder that can be used as egg whites in cooking and recipes. In fact these work so well in everything from smoothies to egg white omelets it’s worth stocking in your pantry stockpile for everyone not just those trying to get into shape.

One dish I was determined to figure out how to make myself was these egg white wraps so I could save money on my favorite wraps, never have to worry about if they were available in store, and this powdered egg white option really helps to reduce waste of those valuable yolks from raising our own chickens for eggs.

What you need to make these egg-white wraps

These are super easy to make on your own. You can do them in two different ways to get that fluffy texture of your favorite egg white wraps. The first option is to mix fresh egg whites with some xanthan gum to thicken them up or you can opt to use Naken Egg protein powder like I did for a single ingredient easy to make option.

How to make your own egg white wraps

To make these using Naked Egg mix one scoop of egg white powder with 1/4 cup water. Whisk until you have a large number of bubbles. This will give you a fluffier wrap. Gently pour your egg whites into a hot skillet. If you use a round skillet they will come out a better shape. Because I use an electric skillet for these so I can reduce the need for oil I have to shape them as I pour the mixture.

Once they have cooked enough to cleanly flip (about 25 seconds) flip to cook the other side before removing your wrap from heat.

Storing egg white wraps

Egg white wraps store for quite a long time so you can easily make a larger batch and keep them in the refrigerator for a week or two in an air-tight container. Doing this for your weekly meal prepping will only take a few minutes but the end result will save you a lot of money in the long run on these wraps.

What do I think of Naked Nutrition Naked Egg?

I honestly love the quality and transparency of this brand. When They call this protein powder Naked Egg they mean it. This is strictly egg white powder and sunflower lechin a healthy fat that acts as a stabilizer and if you have ever been breastfeeding a mother struggling to increase milk supply you know the value of this oil.

I love the clean flavor and the fact that I can trust the quality of the ingredients I am giving my family and putting into my body after all of the work I am putting into becoming strong and healthy again I don’t want to throw that away by using junk supplements so a trustworthy product is essential.

Will I keep using Naked Nutrition products?

Yes, I definitely will keep using these products. I have already ordered another canister of Naked Egg for my pantry stockpile to help feed my family when our chickens lay fewer eggs in the winter. I plan to try the Naked Peanut Butter and Naked Recovery mushroom supplement products in the near future.

Week 2 Journey to Disney Update

Training for a marathon when your marathon buddy lives in another state isn’t as hard as you would think it would be. We check in with each other every day. share our run trackers and our progress on our virtual races where we can see cool new places along the race path. We love to take screenshots of the coolest views to send to each other.

Our training week starts on Fridays allowing us to make the most of the weekend. My son and I went for a jog up to the park where we can do weight training and discovered that they were hosting an outdoor movie night on the ice rink so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a break and relax for a while.

This just goes to show you never know what kind of adventures you will stumble upon when you just get out on the roads. (Note these super cool light-up headphones are available on Temu and the color changes on a cycle.)

Yes, you may not look great running. You may have all the wobbly bits, turn read in the face, and huff and puff the whole time but there’s no better feeling than knowing you accomplished something and had fun along the way.

I am publishing this post just minutes before I run out the door to my brother-in-law’s wedding. I am so excited and hope that after 4 hours on the Harley, I will have some energy left over for going on a run out in the country and even more so on my husband’s family property where there are 40 acres of untouched land my fit for trail running ASICS Gel Venture shoes will do amazing on. And yes I packed the Kinesiology Tape for when I twist my ankle out there because I know myself.

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