How Does Propane Compare To Electricity – Should You Upgrade Your Energy Source?

If you have considered various sources of power, your most important concerns are around the cost and efficiency of alternatives to electricity. Electricity is a secondary source of power that must be created using another source, such as coal.

Propane, on the other hand, is a primary source that is available for immediate consumption. We compare these two sources to see which is best for your energy use in the home or business.

Cost Factors

Our immediate problem, when comparing propane and electricity, is that the usage of each is reported and measured in different units. Kilowatts is the standard unit of measure for electricity while for propane it is British Thermal Units (BTUs). The latter is still used in Canada and the USA, as well as the UK. 

Both kilowatts and BTUs are calculated in hours, i.e., kilowatts per hour and BTUs per hour. This allows us to compare the two units of measurement. One watt of electricity per hour equals 3.412141633 BTU per hour. Alternately, a single gallon of propane, or 91,500 BTUs, is the equivalent of 27 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity.

You can thus multiply your electricity usage for the month by BTUs. This can then be compared to the cost per gallon of propane. Although the efficiency of your appliances may vary, due to factors like insulation in a building or the various energy ratings that may be applied, (e.g., AFUE), a general electricity versus propane comparison is that propane should cost under $3.24 per gallon to be cheaper. 

Which is Best for the Environment?

Any emission can have an impact on the environment and the quality of air in the home or office. Propane is known to be an effective source of energy that does not contaminate its surroundings. It is not a greenhouse gas. It can freeze plant life if spilled but otherwise is considered harmless to the environment. 

Electricity also has no unfriendly contaminants. However, being a secondary source of fuel, it is created in the USA by burning coal, which does result in dangerous air pollution. The use of coal to produce electricity is the method used almost 50% of the time. These costs are also added to the price of electricity, making a primary energy source like propane cheaper in most instances.

Examples of the Uses of Propane

A propane water heater is quicker to heat water for a shower or bath and keeps the water heated while the water heater is operational. This means longer, hotter showers. At the same time, you will save 30% of the costs of an electric geyser.

A tumble drier fueled by propane is 25% faster than one powered by electricity. Clothes have a reduced amount of static and wrinkle less, making them last longer. These are just a few examples of how propane can save you money. 

A local provider can provide affordable propane appliances for homes and businesses that reduce your energy costs. Search for propane gas Orlando fireplaces, tumble driers, or gas heaters, such as those from Discount Propane, Inc. Local suppliers typically repair and service propane gas appliances too. 

Environmental benefits plus cost savings are a winning combination, whether you live in Florida or New York State. 

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