How To Cloth Diaper On A Budget

Using cloth diapers can be a smart financial move for new parents, but sticker shock for a standard starter stash can dampen the enthusiasm. While some used diapers may seem outrageously priced, they’re often collector’s items, not the practical choice for budget-conscious moms. The good news is that this is not one of those you have to spend a lot of money to save money kind of things and there are ways to cloth diaper on a budget.

By sticking to more affordable options and skipping fancy all-in-ones, you can diaper your baby from birth to potty for just a fraction of the cost. There are only a few simple things you need to cloth diaper your baby on a budget.

Low-cost cloth diapers

Forget the complicated diaper systems—simple pad folding saves time and money. Look for adjustable diaper covers with snap closures, a far cry from the old-fashioned pins and rubber pants. As for absorbent materials, anything from flour sack towels to thrift shop tees can do the trick, or invest in hassle-free inserts.

Out of all of the cloth diapers we have tried this is by far my favorite along with being the cheapest option. Buying a pack of flour sack towels and 3 or 4 covers costs about as much as a month’s supply of diapers and you can work your way up to this by getting a cover and a couple of flour sacks each weekend and start out cloth diapering part-time to lower the cost and open more of your budget.

Cloth baby wipes

Cloth wipes offer both savings and convenience, outperforming their disposable counterparts. Basic washcloths work just fine, and a quick rinse under warm water does the job. Laundry concerns are minimal; a regular wash routine won’t add much to your workload, as diapers and wipes can be washed alongside other baby items.

Wet bag or a bucket with a lid

For outings, a cheap wet bag contains moisture and odors without breaking the bank. In a pinch, a simple ziplock or grocery bag serves the same purpose. We liked to use a wet back in the house as well seeing I can turn it inside out and toss directly in the wash. these wet backs are perfect for the beach now our babies are grown.

When I first started cloth diapering I didn’t have a wet bag and I had a very tight budget. I ended up using an ice cream pail with the lid as a diaper pail for the first few months. You would be shocked at how well things can go when you get a little creative.

With these practical tips, cloth diapering becomes an affordable and eco-friendly choice for any family. Find more tips for saving money on a new baby here.

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