How to Create the Perfect At-Home Office

As work-from-home (WFH) policies move from temporary solutions to long-term business practices, where your work has never been more important. It should make you excited to roll out of bed and plunk down in your chair to start your day right. 

If you’ve joined the Work From Home movement, check out these tips below. This advice will help you create a deliberate workspace that improves your concentration. 

Move Away from Your Family’s High-Traffic Areas

Woman Carrying her Baby and Working on a Laptop

A laptop resting on your knees while you fight for space on the family couch isn’t a productive work environment. Even upgrading to the dining room table won’t be helpful if it’s smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen. These are high-traffic areas of your home where you’ll likely attract the attention of your kids. 

Focus on carving out a dedicated space that doesn’t overlap with other activities. Even if you have to work from your kitchen or living room, set up a desk that you only ever use for work. 

A dedicated workspace can help you create clear work-life boundaries that even your kids can understand. Mom isn’t to be disturbed when you’re sitting at the “work desk”. 

Invest in Office Furniture

If you can devote a whole room to your office, spend some time considering its design carefully. The way you set up your office says a lot about you, especially if you plan on inviting clients into your space one day. 

For effortless, long-lasting style, consider custom solid wood furniture for your desks, cabinets, and bookcases. You can easily find a solid wood office suite to create a cohesive and sophisticated look. Pair these pieces with an ergonomic swivel chair with adjustable features to improve your posture and reduce back pain. 

Consider a standing desk

Another great option to prevent back pain is a height adjustable standing desk. Using a standing desk instead of a traditional sitting desk has many benefits. One of the main benefits of a standing desk is that it helps to improve posture.

Poor posture can lead to back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Standing desks help to correct posture by keeping the spine in alignment.

One great benefit of using a standing desk is that it can help increase energy levels. When you stand, your body burns more calories than when you sit. Standing also helps to improve circulation and gets
oxygen flowing to the brain, which can help with focus and concentration.

Also, investing in a desk mat for your home office is a wise decision, as it helps maintain your desk’s appearance and supports your wrists during work. This small investment can lead to a cleaner, more organized, and enjoyable workspace.

Pay Attention to Your Tech

Your laptop and Internet connection are the reasons why you can work from home nowadays. They allow you to effortlessly switch from a conference video call to an Excel file before firing off an email. 

These tasks aren’t easy when you’re warring against glitchy tech. While you may not need the newest computer to get the job done, you do need reliable devices to get through the workday. 

Research quality computers, scanners, and printers to ensure you don’t run into glitches, and consider changing your Internet package to prevent connectivity issues.

Learn How to Block out Distractions

Working from home comes with a lot of advantages. You save time, energy, and money on your commute, and you never have to make awkward small talk with colleagues. 

But there’s a trade-off. At home, you’re exposed to a host of other distractions. Your retired neighbor spends his afternoons hammering while someone’s dog barks non-stop. Your kids, home from school, are bored and want you to know. 

Think of ways to keep your kids engaged while you need quiet time. Interactive games and other tools work wonders when you have a deadline or phone call to focus on. As for outside noises you can’t control, consider investing in a set of noise-canceling headphones to block them out. 

Pulling on headphones and dropping into your cushy rolling chair in front of an elegant solid wood desk will change the way you greet the workday. Instead of a harried parent trying to make WFH work, you’ll be a cool professional getting things done. 

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