How to Create the Perfect Study Space for Your Children This Fall

While there may not be a hard and fast set of rules that will work for every child’s homework space needs, you can use a few guiding principles. You should work with what you have to create the best environment not only for your kids but for your whole family.

Have a look at the five tips below to get started on creating the perfect study space for your children this fall.

Online Safety

With cyberattacks seeing an almost 800% surge during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to make sure your children’s online safety is not compromised. Install anti-virus protection and caution your children against downloading things from unverified sources, as this places them at risk of downloading malware. Talk to them about staying safe online so they have a good idea of what to avoid.

Provide Good Lighting

Good lighting is important for the good health of your children’s eyesight. If possible, set up their study space in front of a large window so they make more use of natural light. Install good lights to help them work without straining their eyes when they have assignments or projects to work on at night. Good lighting will make the study space conducive for use at all hours of the day, and it should complement the laptop or tablet your child is using for their studies.

Get a Good Seat and Desk

Perhaps the most important aspect of a good study space is obtaining a quality seat and desk. Your child will spend a lot of time sitting down following their classes online, so you should make sure they’re sitting with good posture. The desk should be easy to use for them, so consider their size and any special needs they may have before making your purchase.

You could also have one custom-made so it fits the space you have and is capable of holding all your child’s stationery and school equipment. If your child attends a private school, they likely have fun and interactive assignments to do at home. With private schools have small class sizes, often with a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, your child’s academic success is highly prioritized. Ensure they have the study space they need to keep up with their private school peers.

Keep it Organized

A well-organized study space will make it easier for your child to work more efficiently. A desk that’s free of clutter will make it possible to find everything they need fast, helping them stay focused on the lesson or their assignment. Teaching them organization from an early age will show them the importance of keeping their items in good order for easy retrieval. You can add shelves or storage bins near their desk so organization is easier to maintain. If the whole family is using the same space, it’s even more important to keep it well-organized so that different family members don’t have to interact with items that are not their own.

Personalize it

One of the perks that come with a study space at home is the ability to make it fully personal. Add plants, flowers, and cute artwork that your child likes so the space is even more personal for them. Make sure the space is well ventilated but warm enough, keeping in mind the fact that typical air duct systems in both commercial and residential settings lose between 25-40% of the energy spent on heating and cooling. Set up an energy-efficient space that will create a comfortable environment for your child to study in.

These five tips should help you set up a space that your family can use for their studies and homework. To get the best results, create a space as school is starting. This way, your kids will have an excellent spot to stay on top of their studies for the remainder of the school year.

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